November was a stellar month all the way around even though we did have some major events that had to be cancelled due to Covid. The weather was absolutely fantastic, a lot of our winter visitors/residents returned, and our weekends were busy with tourists. Sorry to our Canadian friends who are stuck up there in the cold when they would much rather be down here enjoying our warm, sunny 70-degree temps, blue skies and sandy beaches. We can only hope that 2021 brings some solutions to this seemingly never-ending pandemic, but until then, you can still come down to Rocky Point and have fun – mask mandates and social distancing rules are still being observed, as well as a curfew, so please check our Facebook Page for the latest updates on safety protocols.

Businesses are struggling everywhere and especially here in Peñasco where most of our businesses survive off of tourism, in one way or another. We have had tourism and some great weekends, but we still have a long way to go until we recover. With Christmas and gifting season fast approaching I urge you to remember our (your) local businesses. We have lots of great shops with unique gifts and fantastic restaurants around town, most of which now offer gift certificates. Big box and larger stores were allowed to remain open and grab all of the business, when small businesses were ordered to close, so it’s time to support your local businesses, which in turn helps many the entire community. You help small business owners, who in turn help their employees, who in turn help the other local businesses by buying their daily supplies and needs, and those businesses (and individuals) are able to help local charities and citizens – and the trickle-down effect goes on and on and on. So, you have a few weeks left to search out that perfect gift and support your local businesses. And, of course, don’t forget what a great gift that a year’s subscription to the Rocky Point Times makes for all of your friends and family that love Rocky Point. Better now than ever since many are not able to get here and enjoy it for themselves – and we even have subscribers in Canada!

Most of our Christmas parties and events have been cancelled this year, but charitable activities are still taking place, just in smaller numbers. (The charitable organizations info can be found in each issue of the Rocky Point Times.) The Santa Claus Club is still accepting donations (all year long) and they are going out and distributing them, just as they have always done, but on a smaller scale and more trips. Laguna Shores Resort is currently holding their 19th Annual Charity Fundraising Event of which is benefitting La Esperanza Children’s Home. They started their charity event back in 2002 with bicycles for the kids and are still going strong. Check out their article in this issue of the Rocky Point Times for information on how you can donate to help the children’s home with their yearly operating expenses. Steps of Love has taken on even more during these tough times and can use any support you can send their way. Same with Barb’s Dog Rescue and numerous others. And, of course, we at the Rocky Point Times still accept donations all year long. Alicia always sorts through everything and makes sure the proper items go to those who need them – whether that is a charity or family or individual. This year, her and Mario and my Uncle Pat went out into the barrios to deliver your donations of blankets, clothing, sleeping bags and other items – so thank you all for your continuous donations. They wanted to hand deliver the items to bring a little cheer back into life, see the smiles on the recipients faces, and reiterate that we are all a community and care about people’s needs. So, if you are no longer using blankets, towels, jackets, shoes, warm clothes, gloves, hats, kitchen items – whatever it may be – bring it down and we will find someone who can use the item. Warm items are very much needed at this time since the weather has turned a bit chilly at night.

I hate to have to say this while we are talking about charity and being kind, and I don’t know who needs to hear it, but obviously some of you do seeing what you did in April and May…Whatever happens with this pandemic in 2021, please DO NOT come down and wipe out Peñasco’s toilet paper, cleaning, food and everyday supplies. Y’all don’t need that much toilet paper and Lysol! I absolutely get the panic buying over beer, wine and alcohol ?, but still, leave some for your neighbor…I did! In all seriousness, most people down here do not have the means to stock up on supplies like you do. It is literally day-to-day for a lot of people here. And, if you haven’t noticed, we are not on a major thoroughfare, so we don’t get a daily restocking of supplies like the big cities do. And some supplies we couldn’t get at all because they were out everywhere. I beg of everyone to be please be reasonable and think of others when you feel the need to panic buy.

December usually means the beginning of whale season here in Peñasco. There’s been some talk about whether the season may start later due to the warm weather we’ve had, but we’ll know soon enough though I’m confident we’ll have a great season and there’s nothing like seeing a whale up close. If you’re looking to book a trip down, you can hop on social media to see when the whale spotting starts, and if you don’t have social media, you can always shoot us an email at for the latest or give us a call at (480) 463-6255. If you’re up for a VERY up close and personal whale experience, check out next month’s Rocky Point Times for an article about Tony’s Mystic Whale Tours, owned and operated by our own Tony Ballesteros, who is also a fantastic photographer and human being. A bunch of us took a trip with Tony earlier this year (pre-Covid) and had an awesome experience – truly one of the best experiences of my life.

Last, but not least let’s thank the WhyNot Travel Store in Why, AZ on Hwy. 85 who generously offers up space to collect and store donations of dog food meant for Barb’s Dog Rescue here in Rocky Point. You are welcome to drop off donations and also pick up donations left and drop them off at Barb’s on your way into Rocky Point. And while you’re there, maybe you want to take some time to play with the pups and maybe give one its forever home.

As “The Old Gringo” says in his article this month – Adios 2020! Well, almost, but before we say goodbye to 2020 we have the Rocky Point Times Photo Contest, which Mark Paliscak organizes every year. A fun event to show off your photography skills and win great prizes. There will be 3 winners, photos need to be from Rocky Point and show gratitude and be sent to Mark (or us) by December 21st. So, get to snappin’.

Feliz Navidad to all and we’ll see you in the New Year!