MARIA & GREGIt all started when Judy MacKenzie made one last stop at the Fry’s Marketplace in Maricopa on her way home to Puerto Peñasco. A casual request in the produce section led to a conversation about Rocky Point.  Greg, the Produce Manager, had heard about Rocky Point, and was curious, but had never been here, because he heard it was dangerous, and people he’d talked to discouraged him from going. Ever the advocate, Judy encouraged him to talk to people who had actually been to Rocky Point, and invited him to visit.

Greg and Maria and their 2 sons found that everything Judy had told them was true – the drive through beautiful desert scenery went quickly; crossing the border into Mexico was easy, the road from Sonoyta to Puerto Peñasco was great, and absolutely nothing scary happened. The family ventured out to see the town, including checking out a local grocery store, which was of particular interest to Greg since he is a grocer in the USA. After replenishing their cash at the ATM machine at the Santa Fe Market, they continued exploring the town.

Several hours later, at Curios la Choya, Greg discovered that he’d lost his ATM card. Thinking the worst, in panic mode they found a phone, reported the card lost, and worried about whether the card had been used, and how much it would cost them. After sharing their lost card story with a local, they were encouraged them to return to the Santa Fe Market to look for the card. Dubious, and sure it was a lost cause, they returned anyway. An English-speaking employee who was able to assist with translation was found, and when he learned the dilemma, the market manager said, “Oh, yes…someone found the card in the ATM machine, and gave it to an employee. We have your card in the office.”

Greg and Maria, Rocky Point’s newest ambassadors, are excited about their next trip to Rocky Point. They enjoyed the drive, love the town, love the people, love that some unknown person turned in their ATM card, and they love Judy MacKenzie for taking the time on her drive down to invite them.