MANY FIRST VISITORSOver the course of the past 4 years, our very own Sonoran Resorts Sales Team have become kind of traveling ambassadors promoting Rocky Point (and, of course, the Sonoran Resorts). We have traveled to the closer cities like Tucson, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, but also to places like Las Vegas, Hermosillo, and San Diego spreading the word.

To participate, we pay for a “vendor” space in one of the many home shows, trade shows, travel shows, conferences, or charity events that we have attended and set up our display. Our Agents who attend spend every minute of the show from the beginning until the end in our “booth”. Sometimes they work up to 14 hours per day meeting and greeting and answering questions. These spaces are not cheap either, with the average booth price being around $2500 for an event. Some, like the Barrett Jackson show in Scottsdale and the AARP show in San Diego, are priced even higher. But, even with the cost and long hours we really believe that it is well worth it.

While at Barrett-Jackson last month, our sales people gave away about 500 nice wall calendars, 1500 refrigerator calendars, 100 coffee mugs, 300 Eco-friendly shopping bags, lots of pens and a ton of information about the Sonoran Resorts and Rocky Point. We see people all year long that decide to visit based on seeing us there and from our little freebie reminder gifts.

One reason that I bring this up is to show everyone once again how hard we work representing the Sonoran Resorts family and our Owners/Sellers who have trusted us with their condo listings. But that isn’t the only reason. The other, and maybe just as important reason, is to let people know that we are the ones out there, on the front lines, talking with folks who are not already in Rocky Point. It is one thing to talk with people who are already here and already know what this place has to offer, but it’s something totally different to go where the vast majority of people have not been here and a great number of them have never even heard of our little City on the Sea.

This one on one interaction really does give us firsthand experience with a general overall section of people from all walks of life. We talk with people from all backgrounds, from all geographic areas, and with vastly differing likes, dislikes, experiences, and financial wherewithal. We answer questions about everything from foreign ownership to restaurants, to dentists, to fishing, to whatever. We hear people’s thoughts about Mexico, their experiences, their retirement plans, and everything else that you can imagine. All of our Agents live in Rocky Point full time and we all love living here. This fact shines through when we talk to people, especially those who have never been here.

We talk to literally many thousands of people each year and it is fairly easy to track how many of those people end up buying a condo. What isn’t so easy is to know how many of those same people that didn’t buy from us have come to Rocky Point after talking with one of our Agents. Maybe they bought a house instead of a condo, or maybe they didn’t buy at all but they fell in love with Rocky Point and they now come and rent several times a year. It isn’t easy to know how many of those people eat in restaurants, take sunset cruises, donate to local charities, or spend money supporting our local economy. And, how many have visited here and then told countless others what a wonderful place they have found. Who knows and who can even imagine.

If all this sounds like I am patting our team on the back, well I guess that I am a little bit, but the intent is really just to let everyone know that we are doing our part to spread the word and promote our beautiful destination. I really do love this place and our sales people really do love to talk and brag about Rocky Point and the Sonoran Resorts. If you have never been here, come and check us out for yourselves. And, if you happen to see our representatives at an event or show, please stop by and say Hello – We’re sure to have a couple nice gifts for you too.