Spring_Break_2014_Puerto_Penasco-013The Spring Break vacation period is not just a time for university students from the U.S. to make their way to the beaches of Puerto Peñasco, but also a space for thousands of families to visit the tourist destination and take advantage of the wonderful weather.

The proximity of its warm beaches, true Spring weather, and entertainment are just some of the factors that attract children and adults from the Southwestern U.S. to select this port as a spot to vacation, though families tend to have different itineraries than the university students.

Each Spring Break the presence of entire families, who generally stay in condominiums or vacation homes near the beach, is becoming more notable.

According to data provided by the local Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV), it is estimated that during just one week of the Spring vacation period nearly 4,600 families, made up of an average of 4 to 5 family members, visited Puerto Peñasco.

This data is encouraging for the city as a tourist destination, as it represents a significant economic flow given that families tend to diversify where they eat and need for services, from restaurants to excursions, boat rides to ecotourism, as well as the rental of ATVs (four-wheelers, and off-road vehicles).

Another activity that grabs families’ interest is simply that of early morning walks along the beach, as well as gathering shells and making sand castles, among other forms of entertainment that the weather and landscapes of Puerto Peñasco offer.

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