Creation of Local Committee on Flight RoutesThe Local Committee on Flight Routes was recently formed to guarantee Puerto Peñasco’s air connectivity with other cities in Mexico and abroad, while seeking the possibility of new destinations.

Jorge Valdéz Félix, City Economic Development Coordinator, present on behalf of the local administration, explained the committee seeks to further Puerto Peñasco’s development in all aspects. He added ensuring air connectivity opens the window to new investment and a larger number of visitors to this beach destination.

Valdéz Félix stated the recently formed committee would seek participation from all involved with tourism and business promotion so that all voices may propose ideas in order to broaden the spectrum of connectivity.

“The next meeting will be scheduled within the next three months, in which all developers will be invited, so they may be heard, as they are the ones who know, and have contact with investors,” he concluded.

General Coordinator of Operations of the State Tourism Commission, Héctor Platt Mazón, on behalf of State Tourism Director Jesús Antonio Berúmen Preciado, stated the Local Flight Route Committee is to provide continuity to the State Committee, which was installed in February.

“The State Committee agreed local committees needed to be installed in each tourist destination in Sonora, with the intent that state and municipal offices, along with Convention and Visitors Bureaus, and in this case the airport, coordinate in order to remain informed of our projects and be able to form a united front to assist each other in guaranteeing routes with connectivity to Puerto Peñasco,” emphasized Platt Mazón.

“We must take into account it is important to bring in flights, but even more importantly to keep them. Peñasco has had flights though, due to one reason or another, these flights ceased. Our goal now is that the flights arrive and stay, and from there see what other flights we can bring in,” he added.

Platt Mazón expressed his pleasure at the notable increase in tourism to Puerto Peñasco, which means a rebound in trust to vacation here, even more so with decisions the municipal administration has made in promoting the destination, not only with foreigners but also with a vision of attracting national tourism.

The Local Committee on Flight Routes, which was formally installed at the Mar de Cortez International Airport, consists of: Héctor Platt Mazón as President; Airport Administrator Alonso Domínguez as Technical Secretary; with Héctor Vázquez del Mercado of the local Convention and Visitors Bureau, Jorge Valdéz Félix, City Economic Development Coordinator, and Martín Martínez, City Tourism Director, as members.

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