With the launch of repaving work along Ave. Luis Encinas, Mayor Kiko Munro announced his administration has paved more than 250,000 sq. meters in just 10 months in office.

He detailed the current project, for an investment of $10,087,746 pesos, will encompass paving 34,500 sq. meters with asphalt measuring 3 cm. thick, along with installation of 203 residential 6″ PVC outlets and an equal number of registries.

He added they will fill 3,450 sq. meters of pot holes, while also leveling 18 sewage drains and installing signage along the 2,000 lineal meters of the project.

The mayor highlighted so far his administration has paved and/or rehabilitated a number of streets, including: San Luis, Juan Aldama, Juan de la Barrera, Constitución, Juventino Rosas and Francisco I. Madero, 25 Norte, 26 Sur, 26 Norte and José S. Healy, as well as Blvd. López Portillo, Rocaportense and Rafael Godoy, among others.

He added they are currently awaiting federal funds in order to begin paving Blvd. Fremont, as well as the repaving of No. Reelección, Alejandro Sobarzo, José S. Healy, Sinaloa and Simón Morúa.

Furthermore, the Office of Public Projects along with the Office of Municipal Public Services will soon apply 4 tons of asphalt concrete to fill in pot holes along Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez and Calle 13.

Public Projects Coordinator, Terencio Gutiérrez Valenzuela, stated work on Ave. Luis Encinas will be complete within an estimated 8 weeks.

Mayor’s Office Zero Tolerance Policy on Bribes

Mayor Kiko Munro has a zero tolerance policy on our city police officers taking bribes or abusing their authority towards tourists and residents of Puerto Peñasco. One of the problems that the city has in weeding out these few “bad apples” is the fact that people, mainly tourists unfamiliar with Mexico, are afraid to report the incidents.

The Mayor’s office has made it very clear that there is nothing to fear when reporting incidents and that you can remain anonymous if you prefer. In light of eliminating the situation, his office has set up a dedicated email address specifically for reporting any bribe requests or other abuses of power by government personnel or police officers.

The email address is: orientacionc@puertopenasco.gob.mx and it will be monitored by Claudia Ocampo, a bilingual employee of the city. She will report directly to the Mayor and he will act on the information that he receives.

It is important that you take note of the police vehicle number or officer’s name, the location of the incident, and the date and time. With this information, the city officials can figure out exactly who was involved. To make this program work, he is asking for your help in reporting any incidents. Remember, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Police Department Looking for English/Spanish Bilingual Volunteers

As part of the City’s efforts to make reporting a crime more comfortable and productive, the Mayor is asking for full-time residents of Puerto Peñasco who are bilingual in Spanish/English to volunteer some time every week acting as a translator and liaison for the police department.

While some of the officers and officials working at the police station do speak English, there are many times when those particular people are not available. There is also the feeling that working with someone who is not directly affiliated with the government may make the experience more comfortable with a visitor who is not accustomed to how things work here.

The goal is to have at least a few days per week when there is a bilingual volunteer available to help with whatever is needed. The Mayor’s office will help with an orientation, some training about how the process works, and an introduction to the officials in charge of the various applicable departments.

If you have the skills needed and are willing to help, please contact me (Jim Ringquist) directly. I can then get you in touch with the right people. This could be a great experience and an opportunity to help visitors and to get to know your way around the police station.

Another Generous Donation Arrives in Rocky Point

By Mark Olszewski:

The trailer in this photo is loaded with wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and all sorts of other orthopedic mobility assistance items…Peñasco, we’re going to GET YOU MOBILE…with many BIG, BIG, BIG Thanks to my “Amigo Extraordinaire” Jack Hecker Sr., who is the spark that ignited this Flame.

Also, to our transportation to get these items to Peñasco, Rob & Diane Reay Herbert who have such Wonderful and Giving Hearts when it comes to helping out the folks here in Peñasco.

And of course, Many Thanks to the Very Kind and Generous Folks at “Friends In Deed” located in Green Valley, AZ. for their donation of these Gifts of Mobility…This is what Living, Giving and Caring for one another is all about down here in our little piece of paradise named Peñasco…

Mayor presents uniforms to youth athletes headed to participate in Copa Chivas 2016

The eighteen athletes of the youth selection soccer team to represent Puerto Peñasco at Copa Chivas 2016 were presented with new uniforms by Mayor Kiko Munro. The team will wore the new uniforms during the tournament in the Guadalajara metropolitan area in the cities of Zapopan and San Sebastián, Jalisco from July 25th – 29th.

The mayor praised the hard work of the athletes in setting an example for him, their parents, and their friends. He also applauded the athletes’ parents and coaches Jesús Padilla, José Luna and Gabriel Velázquez for their time and dedication, as well as fundraising activities, in putting the team together and making this trip possible.

Mayor Kiko Munro also recognized staff from the Municipal Youth Institute, under the leadership of Julio Peralta González, for their role in pursuing support for the selection team making their way to Jalisco.

Homes for fire victims

Accompanied by his wife, Linda Pivac de Munro, Mayor Kiko Munro presented the first of three homes to families impacted by a tragic fire on June 20th.

With María Guadalupe Pino Pesqueira and Miguel Zorayda Luján Urías on hand, who lost three of their children to the fire, Mayor Kiko Munro reiterated his gratitude to Las Palomas, Casas Roma, Ministerio Amor, and businessman Miguel Guevara Askar for their commitment from the beginning to help with replacement of homes for the families.

He noted a bank account opened by the Municipal DIF remains for those who still wish to donate to the families, adding the homes will be equipped with furnishings, air conditioners, and other basic needs.

The mayor acknowledged Architect Alejandro Rosales, General Director of Constructora Casas Roma, for discounting two homes within one of his subdivisions by $50,000 pesos, demonstrating the company’s social responsibility to the community.

These two homes consist of 160 sq. meters of land, 44 sq. meters of construction, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen, living and dining room, as well as a 1 year guarantee.

Opening of Super del Norte Confirms Vitality of Puerto Peñasco’s Economy

Puerto Peñasco’s economy is alive, proof of which is the opening of the city’s first Súper del Norte store, remarked Mayor Kiko Munro.

During the supermarket’s inauguration, the mayor praised the confidence of Corporativa del Norte for having invested in the city and creating jobs that directly benefit more than 50 families, in addition to hundreds of others through networks of suppliers and service providers.

“I am pleased this opens new employment opportunities for our people,” indicated the mayor, “as this is one of the strongest needs and, thanks to actions we have pursued along with the trust of companies such as Súper del Norte, there has been a 30% growth in economic recovery during the period from January to July of this year.”

Servando Carbajal, Director of Corporativo del Norte, expressed his satisfaction with the new store, noting this has been a work in progress and they have seen how Puerto Peñasco’s economy has improved.

He stated this port is a safe place for investment, adding he personally knows “Peñasco is going well; we carried out studies before opening this store and discerned good things for this area.”

The new supermarket is located in the plaza across the main Blvd from Sam’s and Bodega Aurrera, in the building where the old Santa Fe Market used to be.

This article is brought to you by the Sonoran Resorts Sales Team, www.sonoranresorts.mx, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing.