tourist-assistanceThese unsung heroes just seem to always be on the scene when you need them. They have proven themselves time and time again as lifesaving first responders. The number of “lost” tourists that found their way because of the TAU can no longer be counted, and there are so many visitors to our city by the sea that had safer and more enjoyable vacations because of these Agents certainly number into the hundreds or even thousands at this point.

Even with the program’s tight budget, equipment and supplies that are sometimes in short supply, and the long, hot and humid outside hours that they work, you won’t hear these guys complain. They really love what they do – and it shows. If you meet one of them on Sandy Beach, the Malecon, Cholla Bay or somewhere in between you’ll be glad that you did and you will see for yourself just how friendly, professional, and dedicated this team is. These Agents are chosen specifically because of these characteristics. They do what they do because they like helping others.

Members of the Tourist Assistance Advisory Committee understand and appreciate what the TAU Agents do for our community, for our residents, and for our out of town visitors. These committee members are committed to assisting Puerto Peñasco tourism, tourists, the TAU, and the City Administration as needed to improve the experience of visiting our city. That assistance includes sharing information with the public, acting as a liaison between the public and the City/TAU, and collecting donations and equipment/materials that can help the TAU better perform their duties.

Police and Paramedics from the USA have donated their time to help with training, individuals and companies have donated some first aid equipment, backpacks, and helmets, and the Tourist Committee raised funds to buy school uniforms for the kids of the TAU Agents. These efforts are ongoing and your next donation might be the one needed to save a life or maybe it will just help make someone’s vacation a little safer. Everything helps and participation is the key. Please keep this in mind and contact the Tourist Assistance Committee if you would like to donate time money, or useful items.

Yesterday, August 31st, Mayor Kiko Munro held a small gathering at the Malecon along with members of the government, business community, and the Tourist Assistance Committee, to present some new equipment to the Unit. In his speech, Mayor Munro praised the good work of the TAU and promised to continue to support and improve the team throughout his reign as Mayor. TAU Director, Luis Molina, also spoke to the group on behalf of the TAU and the City of Puerto Peñasco.

After the more formal part of the meeting, two new Segway personal transportation scooters were demonstrated by Agents of the TAU. While the Agents were still a bit shaky, they were definitely getting the hang of it quickly. These scooters will help Agents move about the Malecon more quickly and efficiently as needed in their duties. This demonstration was followed by a visit to the Malecon TAU office located next to the entrance to The Point restaurant.

Below is the contact information for the TAU and Advisory Committee. Feel free to contact either group with questions, suggestions, problems, or praise for a job well done.

TAU Offices:

Convention Center, NW Corner

Malecon, near entrance to The Point Restaurant

Phone: 001-52-638-382-8413

Emergency: 066 or 911

Tip Line: 089

Tourist Assistance Advisory Committee:

Phone: 602-774-1777



Facebook: Puerto Peñasco Tourist Assistance Advisory Committee AC

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