YOUNG LIFE GALAWithout question the 2015 Young Life/Vida Joven Fall camp was a huge success and we are truly grateful for all the generosity and support from friends of Young Life/Vida Joven that made this event possible. Thanks to their kindness 160 of our community’s youth experienced the most wonderful time of their lives. This year we hope to send 200 kids to camp. In order to do this we host a Fund Raising Banquet, the Red Carpet Gala. This years event is scheduled for April 30, too late to make this publication.

This elegant dinner and program will highlight Young Life’s 75 year history and the 2 million kids now being served worldwide. The event kicks off at 7:00 pm, and dinner will be followed by an evening of celebration and dancing. There is no charge for the event, however reservations are required by contacting Reyna Molina at:, or call (638) 105-8799.

Please consider joining us for a “gala” evening next year and raising funds for a good cause. Come and hear about the good things Young Life is doing here in Puerto Peñasco.

A story of Young Life changing a troubled teen:

Young Life starts with concerned adults who spend time building bridges of authentic friendship with teens – where they are, as they are. Because their leaders believe in them unconditionally, teenagers begin to see that their lives have great worth, meaning and purpose. Young Life offers teens adventure, hospitality and unconditional friendship.

Young Life staff and leaders build relationships with teenagers, inviting them to various activities, meetings called “club” and camp. Here teens can be themselves, have fun and consider some of life’s biggest questions like, “How can we best live our lives?” and, “Why are we here?” For those wanting to explore the spiritual dimensions of their lives more deeply, we offer small group gatherings that allow students to more fully investigate the teaching and life of Jesus of Nazareth. Young Life staff and leaders work alongside families; furthermore they’re supported by, and seek to connect teens to, established churches and other ministries in the communities and countries where Young Life is active.

Here is Sergio’s story:

Sergio: Hello, Good Evening. Thank you for being here. My name is Sergio. This is my story of how I became a Young Life Leader. I am from Nogales, the eldest of three children. Both of my parents are hard working and provided for us a good home. But, I was rebellious. I decided that my bad friends were more important than my family. The decisions that I was making, leaving school, not working, hanging out with troubled kids were the wrong ones. I left home and came to Puerto Peñasco because my grandmother lived here. I needed to change. I still struggled with rebellion. I was a loner, and thought I did not need anyone. Then one day one of my grandmother’s neighbors invited me to attend a Young Life camp. I have always struggled making friends, and thought who needed them anyway. The more this neighbor talked about how much fun we would have, I decided to try it.

Something happened in those five days at camp. The first day of camp, I was the loner, afraid to participate in the games, skits, songs, not wanting to let anyone know my troubled background. There was a greater power at work reshaping my attitude, something that I didn’t understand, but very powerful. By day five, I was a completely different person. For me, I can’t emphasize enough that this camp was life changing! A totally different ME emerged.

I made friends, and discovered that I liked being around people. I discovered that I could make a difference, that I was important, that I had a gift of being in a relationship with other kids. And I learned for the first time about someone named Jesus who loved and cared for me. I came to respect Alberto and Loly and the other leaders and made a decision that I wanted to be like them.

When I returned, my grandmother immediately saw the new me. My parents were so thrilled with the new loving and positive me that they wanted me to continue living in Puerto Peñasco because something magical had happened here. I wanted to know more about Young Life, and started attending Club regularly on Saturday nights. I became a leader in a small group which meets weekly. I had never felt such peace, nor had I ever had such a powerful I can do anything I put my mind to experience before. I wanted to know more about the Gospel. I learned that I needed to honor my father and mother. I needed not to be disobedient. I realized if someone had reached out to me with this Young Life experience as an early teen, I may not have made the mistakes I did. I wanted to be a leader and have an opportunity to make a difference in another teens life. I have learned to focus on the positive, do what is right, and stay obedient. I want to be an example to other kids. Now with the help of Alberto, I am that leader showing love and encouragement to others. I can’t wait for the next camp…to change a teen like I was changed.

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