It’s mid-May, and Sandy is shoving this paper out the door to the printer so we can attend a friends’ wedding in Nevada, come home and get ready for her BIG Birthday celebration on the 29th in Arizona, then the El Golfo 4×4 Run on June 3rd, 4th and 5th and then head out again for my cousins’ wedding at the end of June. I have no idea who will be writing the July Editorial. I elect Jim, Brian or Joe!

Cover0516I know I am supposed to be talking about June, but I’m sitting here in May and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. Every night a little before sunset we grab one of our coveted bottles of wine from our Argentina trip last month and sit on the patio and remark how darn lucky we are. I would love to tell you about our Argentina trip, but maybe I will pen an article instead. While I absolutely loved Argentina and met many wonderful people, I found that the people in Rocky Point are much friendlier, on a casual basis. Like passing someone on the street, opening the door, buying items from the market – I always get greetings here in Peñasco, but not so much in Argentina. Granted, Buenos Aires is very busy and people are whizzing by, but in the hoods where we were among locals, many of my greetings fell flat. I also expected it to be a little more like home, but it has a very heavy European influence. Nonetheless, we absolutely had a blast and I would visit the Mendoza region again in a second.

Make sure you read all of the articles in each and every paper since we have many wonderful contributing writers that know all kinds of stuff. There is always an update or news about how the Home Port is coming along (or not), as well as news about infrastructure, events, charities, etc. For me to repeat it all here would be redundant.

Many fun things happening this month starting with Marina Fest which goes on from May 27th through June 5th. On Dia de La Marina, June 1st, Watch all the shrimpers head out for a short cruise and try to catch a ride on one if you can. It is a pretty cool experience. There is always a ceremony and the carnival/fair that goes on at the same time so go scare yourself on the crazy rides.

As I mentioned above, the El Golfo 4×4 Off Road Run is slated for June 3rd, 4th and 5th, so please contact Sandy if you want to go. You can email or hit them up on Facebook or call the office locally at 383-6325. Come on and sign up because we need some newbies for a few laughs…and to meet new friends of course. The Survivor’s Party will be at South Side Jillz at 5PM on the 5th.

I am personally thrilled about Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers live in concert. June 9th is their bi-annual Circus Mexicus concert. Go to their website to grab some tickets or check out their Facebook page. Get them as soon as you can because they do go fast. I seem to remember that I am getting VIP passes this year so woo-hoo for me!! On Sunday the 12th be at JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay to enjoy the Mañanathon – great bloody’s and you can get any RCPM loot you forgot at the concert. Before you head out to Cholla Bay on Sunday, head down to the Sonoran Spa to watch the Rubber Duckie Race.

This little shindig isn’t until July, but get your tickets early because everyone loves Las Vegas Night at the Sonoran Sky. Wear your finery and show up at the Sky on July 2nd at 7PM and let the games begin. It’s always fun to see what new games they have and all the great raffle prizes. If you want to find Sandy, just hang out by the free tequila.

A couple days ago, I noticed that the corner of Calle 13 and P Elias Calles (by Sushi Sun) was all torn up Calle 13 was blocked at all entrances/exits. I didn’t stop to ask if the water main blew again or if they were putting in a stop light at that intersection. Too bad there isn’t anyone who can find this stuff out! Sheesh!! Oh, sorry Sandy…you did have the water line info, just didn’t pass it along. And Blvd. Fremont (spelled Freemont on the street sign at Sinaloa) is being paved with a center divider planter starting at Blvd. Josefa west, towards town.

A final bit of news…looks like on June 26th we will be welcoming our first airline flight from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua (to Rocky Point) with Hermosillo and Tijuana in the future. Let’s hope this takes off and more and more flights are added.

On a final note we would like to wish everyone a very Happy Father’s Day on Sunday, June 19th. We hope you come down with your families and spend your special day playing in the Sea of Cortez.