Infusion del Golfo’s inauguration was held in March of 2019 with chef Tony Acuña. The vision and name branding was to provide you, our clients local fresh high quality ingredients from local sources as much as possible.

Infusion del Golfo located inside Laguna Shores Resort, the fine cuisine restaurant, was led by Chef Tony Acuña in 2019- 2021 of simple ingredients to create what chef calls sincere cuisine, we appreciate Chef Tony for the time he spent in Infusion del Golfo, for creating a unique option, for putting his heart into each course, as also implementing the use of fresh seasonal and organic ingredients, offering a changing menu that only offers the finest and freshest products in Puerto Peñasco.

The restaurant from the very beginning offers breakfast and lunch which gives a considerable variety of ideal choices for the client, ideal for the company of the family and in nights a wonderful romantic dinner menu as well as enjoying a few drinks at a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere on our terrace with ocean view.During the last few years, we have held various events, birthdays anniversaries, weddings, posadas, wine-pairing dinners, occasions like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Dinner, New years eve.

We would like to thank chef Tony Acuña for helping us open and brand our new restaurant, Infusion del Golfo. Chef Tony Acuña is moving on to a private chef opportunity that takes him to New York city and part of the Caribbean.

With Tony´s departure we are very proud to welcome our new chef Humerto Espino with a trajectory of 10 years of experience, originally from Zacatecas, Humberto began his life in the kitchen at the age of 16, he got his inspiration from his sister, his vision was always to learn and become a professional. He graduated from the Universidad Autonoma de Durango in 2012 and he decided to move to Los Cabos in an attempt to learn and find new opportunities and experiences. Over the years Humberto developed a remarkable career and progressed to becoming the Executive Chef at Casa de Mar in Los Cabos. At the beginning of the year, he decided to embark on a new adventure and started his adventure to Puerto Peñasco at Infusión del Golfo.

Chef Humberto loves to work with local products and fresh ingredients, giving Infusion del Golfo a fine-dining approach. His priority is to add a Mexican touch to each of the plates served, focusing on fresh local products from Puerto Peñasco. One of his specialities is baking and pastry making, a passion that began thanks to his sister who supported his talent and interest in early stages of his career. Infusion del Golfo, is introducing Chef Humberto´s menu presenting his special offer for the month of March. Come and try his offer this month and experience the new taste of Infusion!