Look around you. There are so many who need a little help, a smile and hope that life will get better. Margarita Mermaids Angels are trying to do just that! You can too.

Rick, my husband and I were the previous managing owners of The Satisfied Frog for 7 1/2 years here in Puerto Peñasco until it closed in May 2020 due to economic impact of COVID. Rick and I currently are the managing owners of Margarita Mermaids Seaside Patio Restaurant & Bar in Puerto Peñasco along with our new partners Larry & Jackie Ilg. Talk about a team of people who really care! We are blessed to have them on our team. With their support and all of our customers who continue to stop by Margarita Mermaids we will continue to be much more than a restaurant and bar in this community! So, keep enjoying our Margaritas and Fried Chicken.

We are honored to be a part of this community and it is our mission to continue to support those in need as much as we can. We have been quietly doing our part for 8 1/2 years and we hope and pray that continues. The support of the Rocky Point Times Newspaper has been an integral part of making a difference…thank you!

Our team started making over 1400 sandwiches a week for the feeding ministry at the Family of God Church in June 4, 2020. Through COVID, our remodel from The Satisfied Frog Restaurant to Margarita Mermaids, the fire at Mermaids two weeks after we opened, the rebuild after the fire and post COVID, we have continued to support Puerto Peñasco by making sandwiches weekly. To date we have made over 47,000 PBJ sandwiches to feed our families in the barrios who are hungry. These sandwiches are distributed by the Family of God Church every week. We are honored to be chosen for this task!

We would not be here to do this work today if it wasn’t for the love of Peñasco to us! Our fire in July 2020, two weeks after we opened Margarita Mermaids almost closed us for good. If it wasn’t for our customers who love us, friends, and for the owners of Manny’s Beach Club, Shark Bite, Tekila Bar, Boo Bar and Jillz Joint, we would not have been able to reopen!


“Through fire & ashes we can do anything” is our motto!

In addition to making sandwiches, the quiet fundraising of funds and items needed for food, clothing, electric bills, and school supplies to list a few needs, is nonstop too! As owners of a small business in Puerto Peñasco, we gladly will continue this much more important work of making a difference in Puerto Peñasco for our community! We have formed a private group of givers who are called Mermaids Angels. Anyone who wants 100% of their donations of funds or items to go directly to a well needed charity or group in Puerto Peñasco, they can contact Krissy Nichols at MargaritaMermaidsAngels@gmail.com. She will either personally make sure your donations go to a specific group or will connect the donor directly with the charity for online giving.

May our town, our people find happiness and a good life in our beautiful Puerto Peñasco, Mexico


Email: MargaritaMermaidsAngels@gmail.com

Call to confirm a drop off: 638-388-5042

Our Kick-Off Holiday Drive was October 8th and 9th – the 1st Anniversary of Margarita Mermaids and we have lots planned for the rest of the year. See our event details on our Facebook page: MARGARITA MERMAIDS or email us to be added to our monthly event calendar so you don’t miss anything: MargaritaMermaidsEvents@gmail.com

Thank you again for the LOVE OF PENASCO! This is home…