And Who IS the Guevara/Snyder Team?

Any area, village, city or town that grows to “destination” status is not an accident. Someone saw it before it was there. Someone had a vision of what could be, how to do it, and then set out to turn that vision into reality. Puerto Peñasco is no exception. While this once sleepy fishing village brought visitors seeking to enjoy its sparkling waters, beaches, fishing and abundant sunshine, the town was destined to be Mexico’s new hot spot.

Back in 1994, Sandy Beach was just that, a long stretch of sandy beach, but Miguel Guevara and Mary Snyder changed all that when they began selling and completing Rocky Point’s first condominium project, the Pinacate Condos, located at the end of Sandy Beach, on what used to be called the Playa Hermosa area. Since then, the Guevara/Snyder team have been an undeniable presence in helping to develop and shape the skyline of Sandy Beach.

In 1998 the dynamic team went on to direct the development of the first high-rise condo project, Princesa de Peñasco. It sat out there, a seemingly lonely construction silhouette, on an empty stretch of sand. People wondered who on earth would drive all the way out there to stay. It quickly became apparent that there were many willing, and happy, to make the drive, as the project quickly sold out. Miguel Guevara knew the demand was there for Arizonans who loved being able to get to a beach only 3 ½ -hours away. After Princesa de Peñasco, the team continued with the Sonoran Spa in 2000 and followed up with the Sonoran Sea in 2002 – both of which were huge successes.

The Guevara/Snyder team then turned their attention to developing Puerto Peñasco’s first non-rental resort. Naysayers said it “would never sell” being a non-rental development. Their 5th and premier property, Puerta Privada, sold out in 10 months in 2005 and remains the only exclusively non-rental, private resort in town to this day.

All four Sandy Beach resorts were completed and delivered on time, and set the pace, tone and style that has now become a favorite destination as “Arizona’s Beach.” For years it was predominately Arizona residents that frequented the quickly accessible beaches and warm waters on the northern tip of the Sea of Cortez. But over-crowding and rising prices in states like California have made Puerto Peñasco all that more appealing. Not to mention the abundance of activities, choice of quality accommodations, both to rent and buy, clean sandy beaches, improved infrastructure, and the easy, scenic drive have made Rocky Point ideal for visitors from all over. And now, because of the Covid-19 virus, Rocky Point’s appeal has grown expodentially for visitors and investors as people are looking for drive-to destinations.

After completing Puerta Privada, the Teams’ attention turned to the beautiful beaches of Playa Encanto, where they acquired a 150-acre parcel for the future development of their first master-planned community. In the meantime, Miguel Guevara, of MG Developments, turned his focus to Guadalajara where he began several developments including Real Center, a commercial project, similar in concept to a large outdoor mall like Tempe Market Place or Desert Ridge in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Not resting on his laurels, he developed Real View Towers, a high-rise residential condo project adjacent to Real Center. Cinepolis, the largest movie chain in Mexico, was one of the anchors at Real Center. He also built 2 more theatre locations in Caborca and Puerto Peñasco which is located across from Sam’s Club.

The Guevara/Snyder team is definitely the most accomplished development team in Rocky Point. And it is Mary Snyder’s attention to detail and understanding of consumer desires and demands that have complimented, and continue to compliment, Miguel Guevara’s skills and talents as well as her extensive sales experience, marketing strategies, and 25-year (and counting) dedicated commitment to the growth of Rocky Point. Mary’s accomplishments were acknowledged this year when she was named “Woman of the Year 2020” by Puerto Penasco’s Business and Professional Women’s Associations. A great honor awarded to only one other foreigner. Unfortunately, COVID put a damper on the festivities, but she’ll no doubt hold the title for 2020 and 2021.

Adding to Mary and Miguel’s achievements are their loyal clients who have followed them from one project to the next, confident in their promises, and setting them apart from other resorts.  Doing WHAT they say they will do, WHEN they say they will do it, has been a major key to their credibility and continued success. In addition, each project is always bigger and better.

Having a keen instinct for timing, it became apparent to Guevara that the time was right to fulfill a dream, another vision, Encantame Towers.

The Team’s new creation is on the pristine beaches of Playa Encanto: The magnitude and beauty of Encantame Towers will make it the crown jewel in their long list of accomplishments, and a 15-year dream – a reality. Encantame Towers will be a modern, world class resort with unrivaled amenities. The first tower will be delivered to its owners starting in Spring of 2021 and the second later in the fall of the year. The towers sit on the most desirable beachfront piece of the property and offer a rare ground floor opportunity for those looking for an affordable beachfront vacation home.

After the completion of Encantame Towers, the Guevara/Snyder team will continue to set the standard with new possibilities in development of the entire 150-acre parcel. The master-planned community of Encantame Resorts is positioned to become the next boom area, and is another Guevara/Snyder vision, whose time has come.