DR ATAULFO LEON FELIXWe are glad to inform the Rocky Point Community that doctors at Servicios Médicos Veterinarios Pets´ Health & Care Center, a veterinary hospital located at Sonora Blvd. (two blocks from Josefa Blvd. Tel. (011-52-638) 383-3344 and having their main office in Caborca, Sonora on Calle 10 #97 Tel. (011-52-637) 372-4717 during the first months of this year have been distinguished with invitations to participate at international events of particular relevance: Dr. Ataulfo León Félix, general Director of the organization, along with 5 other Mexican Doctors, was invited to attend THE VET SYMPOSIUM in February of this year in Montpellier, France; at which were gathered 600 veterinarians from over 60 different countries. Then, a few days ago, the main organization committee of the 40th World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress (WSAVA), to take place in Bangkok, Thailand this coming May, confirmed its invitation to Dr. Adrian Sixto Resendiz, Master Vet at this same local veterinary hospital, to participate as lecturer to present his job “The Effect of Early Microenteral Nutrition in Anorexic Cats”. Both doctors, by being a part of our organization are a reason to be proud for Mexico, our country, and the Rocky Point community. It is no casualty that both of them talented doctors collaborate at the same organization. This can only be explained by a polished recruitment process, and our continuing education and development policies and training that DR ADRIANdifferentiate our health professionals and animal care organization.