SPRING BREAK SEMANA SANTA NUMBERSMarch was a busy month with more than 55,000 Spring Breakers and more than 80,000 Semana Santa celebrators visiting our city over the past several weeks, marking another increase from the number of visitors this month last year. That’s pretty amazing considering the normal local population is less than 60,000. Consider also, that the tourists mostly congregate in a few popular areas while the “regular” city population is normally spread out. All the tourist locations were completely packed and everyone appeared to have a great time.

The City reports:

-Total of 37 accidents, including quads, rhinos and automobiles, leaving a total of 47 injured.

-23 people stung by ray or jelly fish.

-7 lost minors, all which were returned home safe to their families.

-1 rollover accident on the Highway Peñasco-Caborca that left 6 people injured.

-And, very importantly, zero fatalities.

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