Dr. Antonio Castro and nurse Rosa Alejandra recently spoke to our Rotary Club concerning necessary fumigation strategies against rickettsia that must go hand in hand with the efforts of de-ticking dogs. The Rocky Point Rotary Club in conjunction with the Peñasco Department of Health continue to fight this serious health issue. There will be several activities planned this next year around this topic.

Several Rotarians will be traveling to Utah this month. This past year we hosted Rotarians from Utah and worked together in Rocky Point on several projects, now it is time to return the favor! By being a member of our local Rotarian Club, we are part of a network which reaches all over the world!! Friendship exchanges are fun, and we are looking forward to reuniting with our Rotary friends in Utah.

This summer we are busy planning our years activities. The following are tentative dates and subject to change, but here goes: October 12th – World greatest meal / polio fund raiser and then October 13-16th – Vistamerica eyeglass clinic. We have also been busy with coordinating our youth exchange program. It looks like we will have three outgoing exchange students this year and two incoming exchange students.

Now I want to share with you something that happens all the time because Rocky Point has a Rotary Club: Fellow Rotarians from Fountain Hills, Arizona answered a call for a much-needed wheelchair for local resident, Angel. Alicia Grajeda, from the Rocky Point Times contacted me to see if the Club might possibly be able to help a long-time friend of the Newspaper. Angel used to wash their cars (and help out) for many, many years when their office was off of Calle 13. He was hit by a car a few years back and is paralyzed from the waist down. He went into their office a couple weeks ago asking for help in getting a wheelchair because the one he had was in pretty bad shape. So, Alicia reached out to me, and I reached out to fellow Rotarians and now Angel has a new wheelchair. Such great people! If you would like to become part of the Rotary Club here in Puerto Peñasco, you are welcome to attend our weekly morning meetings on Wednesday at 9:00 AM at the Friendly Dolphin in the Old Port.