Sandra, our subscription check is made out and will be in tomorrow’s mail. Is there any way I can get the May (and June) issues (I hate to miss a single one, as I look forward to them and read them cover to cover).  And, to be a real pain in the tuckus, can you somehow mail them ‘right away’?  My other ‘big concern’, right now, 🙂 is to get the June tide maps, etc before bringing ‘the gang’ down for my big 50th birthday celebration in 3 weeks.  Even if it’s putting them in a big envelope and ‘regular’ mail (the next time you’re up in Lukeville)…and ‘subtract’ an issue off the subscription to cover that postage (Or, let me know and I can send another check for that postage amount).
I was down this past weekend, cleaning / fixing, etc to be ready for the big weekend.  Can’t believe how beautiful the weather was.  Hope it’s still nice, and breezy, like that in a couple of weeks!!
It’s interesting that I’m not showing up in your records, and I don’t recall getting the renewal card or whatever.  I DO have a lot going on, but do try to be careful about going through my mail and my desk so as NOT to have things fall through the cracks; but I’m wondering if I didn’t get a renewal notice? Anyway, whatever you could do to get me the May and June issues, would be just great…and let me know how to make the $$ work for you!
Jim Tigges
I have a June issue, I will mail today. I will look for May.
No problem. Our Website has all the tide calendars for the year (just so you know).
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Thank you for a great newspaper!
Alejandra De Mary Kay
Thank You! For being a friend of the Rocky Point Times Newspaper! Please LIKE our Facebook Page.

My daughter remembers going to the movies as a kid (probably around early 70s) and here are her directions to the theater they went to: If you walked out the front door of the Villa Granada and went to the right a few blocks, then made a left. It was on the right hand side a block or so down the road. Neither of us remembered the one in the Old Port. Although I have a very vague memory of one on the main road into the port and it would have been on the right hand side as you entered. But I couldn’t swear to it.
I remember the one in town on Melchor Ocampo, but I think the one in Old Port on Alcantar, on the right as you leave the Port, would have been the first and oldest.
We took the charter boat and had an awesome time! The ride out to Bird Island is fabulous and they make lunch for you on the boat. Swimming with the sea lions is absolutely magical! Look for the name of the charter on the wall as you are going to Balboa’s restaurant. The sign is painted on the wall on the left. Sorry I can’t remember the name of the charter!
Patricia Barker
Looking at that picture of the families enjoying the beach, I can understand why people are leering of coming down -very dangerous – get here and you won’t want to leave! Kids will plead for another day – wife will suggest you go back to work and come fetch the family next weekend – even the dog won’t want to leave the beach.
Julie Chitwood
My Jeep even wanted to stay in Rocky Point. She gave up her clutch while we were there. She said, here Mommy, You have an excuse to stay now. LOL!
Chari Ainsworth
It has been so windy here the last few trips I’ve made down here recently!! I was just down at the pool and I was actually COLD LOL I better bite my tongue on that statement since we know how hot it gets here!!
Kelly Swingler
Great publication! I read your June issue cover to cover…lots of info can’t wait for July
MADC Entertainment has partnered with Rocky Point Times Newspaper, please spread the word and “Like” their Facebook page…We’re growing!
John Tsaninos
Hey, How cool is that. We love it!  Thanks! Our Rocky Point Times Newspaper Facebook Page has over 2,200 “LIKES” in just over one year, since April 2011. That is about 150 NEW “LIKES” every month!!!!!
Hi Sandra
We went to the P.O. at Lukeville yesterday, and I forgot about reading about the DETOUR in Sonoyta, while the bridge is being replaced, until we were there. Good BIG SIGNS, be aware to look for them, it all went smoothly.
Karen Aldridge
Rocky Point Calendar
Thanks Sandra, so glad we found out about this detour around the Sonoyta bridge before our trip. We have 3 motor homes and 3 trailers traveling together to Playa Bonita .This Facebook information was very helpful 🙂
Jessica Russell Wolfe
You are welcome, Jessica. You will be fine on the detour. If you need anything, please feel free to email me at
Enclosed is $35 for another refill of the RPTimes. Coming back to visit 1st of December for our 8th year. OKC had 66 murders in 2011 so we’re going to where it’s safe. Go OKC Thunder in the NBA finals. BEAT THE HEAT!
Pam & Fred Smothermon
Edmond, OK
It’s funny, if I don’t get a RPTimes within the first 12 hours of my arrival in RP- I feel as though I am missing something. Thanks for producing a great product.
Deb Kalish-Krecek
How nice, of you. Thanks!
Thank you so much Sandy, we so appreciate all you’ve done at the RPTimes for 2 Fish Ministries.  It’s really gotten the ministry out there and we’ve had many people help because of what they’ve read in your paper.
Bless you
Hola Becky…You are very welcome. If there is anything special that you would like to say, just send the information to Alicia, before the 10th of the month prior, at
Mitzi wrote: “Came through the detour yesterday and slowed to ask the cop the right direction – he gave us a ticket for not coming to a full stop.
Mitzi Lange
Mitzi, in Sonoyta? Are you joking?
But they (JJ’s Cantina) have a ‘One Club Open’ in the fall also, I have sent a message to JJ’s but they don’t answer and I forgot to go by there this weekend…blah, thanks Sandra!
Linda Roche Stolc
Yes, the next ‘One Club Open’ will be September 29th, in Cholla Bay.

Hi Sandra, we go to The Point every time we are in Rocky Point! Excellent food and service.. The view and sounds of the sea are breathtaking!
We agree 100%!!
Thanks…We went to Super Ley a few times and like it a lot! Have not found a good carniceria and fruteria yet…maybe next time we are in (hopefully soon).. Sam’s is not an option as we are Costco members.
Maria Iordanova
You are welcome to come to our offices M-F 8-4…directions are FREE!
Shopped at the new Sam’s Club today. It was just like the one in the U.S. Noticed the Sam’s Club signs on the Rocky Point roads in several places today. Nice.
Charmaine Caruso
I’ve got to pay attention on my way home tonight.
Hi Sandra,
That’s what I’m going to check into later today… I haven’t bought a basketball since I was a kid… I’m going to check at Sam’s Club to see what they have… the guys (Rolling Rockies, R P Wheelchair Basketball Team) really need to be practicing with a regulation sized basketball so they are used to the size and weight… being that basketballs for inside courts are covered with leather they could be a bit pricey…”
Mark Olszewski
Let us know what a regulation sized leather basketball costs?? SandyO
Interesting day so far… I met with the guys from the team at the center…Barb, Laura and I had a productive meeting with Blanca the director of the center… from there we went for lunch, and it’s Monday so you know what that means… GYROS at El Greco’s and while there Louie had the people from Sam’s Club in to talk about maybe ordering his products through Sam’s Club…Well, I took that opportunity to introduce myself to the Sam’s Club people and I asked them if they had a program to help out the disabled and the wheelchair basketball team in particular…the gentleman I was talking with gave me the name of who to contact and then he mentioned that they also like to help out the schools… HELLO!!! I immediately gave him one of our Adopt-A-Classroom cards and there just happened to be a Rocky Point Times there for me to show him the article about us in the Rocky Point Times (Thanks Sandra)… the gentleman was very interested and asked if he could keep the RPTimes to show to the district manager and he also insisted that I go to Sam’s Club to talk to the District Manager in person…YES… a very productive and positive day… Just goes to show you that Good Things Happen to those who eat at El Greco’s Gyros.
Mark Olszewski
Great! Excellent news! I am happy that the RPTimes was there to help you at El Greco’s. PS…you could have stopped by the office and grabbed me on your way over there, as you had to drive right by our entrance. I know, next time.
Thanks so much for the info on the Sonoyta bridge work. We wanted to hit Vazquez on our way in to RPT. and saw the route on Google maps.
Tony Mendez
Yes, thanks to Spencer Farnsworth, who made the map, we will have it printed in the July issue of the RPTimes for everyone.
I keep my vans stocked with Rocky Point Times Newspapers. It gives our guests maps & information about the area. It is a great source of information to take home with them when they plan their next trip to Rocky Point. I’ll stop by soon to get my July bundle, Thanks 🙂
Head Out to Rocky Point shuttle service
And, we love you guys for what you do!! SandyO
I’m hoping to purchase (@ Sam’s CLUB) the larger packs of paper towels & T.P. to stock our house & not have to haul each time we come down. Rest of my shopping will be done how I have done for 25 yrs, spreading the money around all over town to my favorite local shops.
Yes, that is what we are hearing from most of our friends, that they will still SHOP LOCALLY FIRST.
Hi there, RPT! Thank you for the compliment on my picture. I was only hoping you’d share it on your wall, so to be considered for the cover is awesome. I actually stitched that panorama together from a bunch of photos, so I do have it as a regular landscape shot. I also have a bunch of nice vertical ones if that’s what you need. I’d be honored to send you more. Let me know. And thanks again!
Denise Ackerly
Bring em! Please send your pics to Attn Sandy at We would love to look at them! (Denise, you made the August COVER!!!)
Hi. Love the paper, hate the rumors!!! We can all agree rumors are what’s keeping tourism here down. So I hope you can understand how much it frustrates me when you print rumors. I am referring to the article in this months paper on the water outage Memorial day weekend. The circus never sets up in the street in front of Santa Fe and Sam’s Club that I have ever seen, and that is where the leak was sooo… As it turns out, when Sam’s Club was attempting to tap into the main water line under the street a junction was damaged. The reason it took so long to get fixed is because the week prior Sonoyta had a similar problem and our fine city loaned them our spare. We had to get another spare on credit from another city, and it took a few days to get it here. Oh, the part cost approx. 500,000 pesos!!! Now you know.
Johnny Karma Davis
Hola! happy you love our paper, sad you disagree with the water article, but WE DROVE THROUGH the water a few times, and the carnival TENTS WERE SET UP! ?? Maybe it was both?
Is there a web page so I can ad EcoFun to my preferred vendors list that I send to all my renters? Tammy from Head Out told me its a super boat. Can’t wait to see it up close!
S. Farnsworth
As of today, they are still constructing their Website, but I think their Email is I know that it is a 2009, 70 foot double deck catamaran, and holds 100 passengers!
I love this, the police on the Sandy Beach road had about 15 quads pulled over. it’s about time!!! these jerks do wheelies and speed up and down the roads and create more dust than a dust storm. They should all be moved out of town… way out of town and off Plutacro Ellias. Police could pay for a year of salaries, if they would just park on 22nd and Plutarco and give out tickets.”
Bev A.
Hello my name is Monica, I have been living in Rocky Point for the last 6 months and I really enjoy it. I also enjoy every month the new issue of The Rocky Point Times. I noticed in this last issue an article titled “What happened to Montezuma” by Rosarie Salerno. Even though the article is pretty good the name of the Emperor of Tenochtitlan is not MoNtezuma, it’s MoCtezuma, with a C. I believe there is a character in US history with the other name and maybe that is the reason for the mistake. I am Mexican, my native language is Spanish, it is not my intention to be rude, but I assume Americans want their history written correctly, so do I. As a suggestion, maybe articles concerning Mexican History should be written by Mexicans and then translated to English, or written in English by a Mexican. I hope there is a notice with the proper correction in the next issue.
Thank you
Monica Flores
The reader is correct the Mexican name is Moctezuma but if you check Wikipedia you will see several different versions of the spelling. Actually, the Moctezuma I have been writing about is Moctezuma II. The latest article I sent about Chocolate I did use the Mexican version. Reason I chose the Montezuma version is because I write articles for Americans not Mexicans. Most Americans do not have any idea of the history of Mexico. Most Americans know the king as Montezuma. I changed the spelling hoping to educate the Americans as to the other spelling. I research my articles completely after all, your and my good names are attached to the articles. Thanks for letting me know.
Thank you,
Hi Tom and Sandy. Last time we were in RP, we saw that Sam’s Club had already opened.  That was fast!  Here is my question: Must one join it as we do in the US; if so, how much is the fee?  Is it annual, etc. We will be coming back to RP in another month and would like to see what it is like.  We do like Bodega Aurerra but are anxious to see what Sam’s is like. Also, we mailed a check for renewal of Rocky Point Times and are looking forward to receiving it again.  We have missed it. We were surprised you had no record of us; wonder how that happened.
Dick and Mitzi Newman
Bella Sirena Owners
Hola, sorry about your subscription being lost. We’ve evidently had a huge computer glitch, losing a ton of data. As for Sam’s Club, we can use our USA Sam’s Club Card. Our office gals signed up before the opening, and I believe it was two for $400.00mn. I seem to think it is about equal to signing up in the States? Yes, annual, same.

I REALLY miss the food of Rocky Point. Thanks for the reminder!
Mark Kuykendall
Just so you know, the one inch thick rib-eye’s from San Jose de Gracia meat market were wonderful!! But, you already knew that, didn’t you. SandyO