By  Sandy Spain

It’s all about People

Perhaps people in paradise or finding purpose in paradise should be the title of this article.  There are fabulous people, giving, caring, hard-working people in this paradise.  I’m afraid that I don’t have enough time left on this earth to introduce you to all of them through my articles but this month, I can introduce a few of those folks I so admire.  They are the many volunteers who are the heart and soul of the organization Two Fish and who are working tirelessly to serve their neighbors most in need.  They are not only feeding their bodies but also their souls.



Blvd. Kino Site                                                                  Noé and Margarita


A Little History


You have probably read in this newspaper the many articles about this organization born of the need observed by Pastor Stan of the Peñasco Christian Fellowship.  When he asked if interested church members would attend a meeting to create a way to help the hungry in town, more than 50 people responded.  Two Fish was created and started serving within 2 weeks!  The statistics representing their accomplishments are impressive and the volunteers are even more impressive.



Juan Aldama & Ave. 63rd site                                                                       Ocaña site

The Who, When, and Where


There are the ladies, like Berta, Rosario, Ana and Jovana who come on a rotating schedule every morning Monday through Friday, to prepare the enormous amount of food at the kitchen site on Blvd. Kino.  There are many volunteers like Terry, Sharon, Marilyn and Mike and Jolly who pick up food from the kitchen and take it to the two other sites and the three schools.



Ana in kitchen at Kino site                                     Mike and Jolly deliver to other sites


There are servers like Ortencia, Lucy and Lenore and Salvador, Santiago and Monroe.  There are the property owners like Gustavo and Julia, and Martín who have donated their properties for a site to feed the neighborhood.  There is husband and wife team Noé and Margarita, lifelong Puerto Peñasco residents who manage the entire effort and Noé shares the message of Christianity at the Kino site.



Ortencia, Lucy, Lenore                                             Salvador, Santiago and Monroe


David, who came to town by way of Mexicali, California, and Las Vegas, sets up the temporary shade structures, tables and chairs at Ocaña and is working to clean up the site and make a more permanent structure available for shade.  Before serving he also shares the message of Christianity.  Gustavo who was raised in Puerto Peñasco and his mother Julia originally from Nacosari are expanding the activity at their site to reach out with Bible study and ESL classes helped by Karen and Mark.  They are also planning an after school program and homework assistance for the kids.



Sharon, Gustavo, Marilyn and Julia                                   David and the kids at Ocaña


Need and Really Need


As you know, there are always needs here in Puerto Peñasco.  So consider making a tax deductible financial donation to Two Fish through Mission Heartbeat, P.O. Box 1032, Lukeville, AZ 85341 (please note “Two Fish” on the subject line of your check) or providing something they need.  I recently noted these needs:  chairs and tables of any type are welcome but the best are plastic patio chairs and 6 foot long folding tables; Igloo round water coolers, and large shade tarps.  These ingenious folks have figured out that those round Igloo water coolers are great not only for drinking water but also for transporting their hot food.  If you have any of these things to donate, you can take them to the main site on Blvd. Kino, just down the street from Numeros.  But, what they need most is YOU.  If you can give a couple hours a week to drive food to one of the sites or help serve, you will find they are among the best hours of your week.  Just go by the Blvd. Kino site mid-day and ask for Noé.