On The Road Again

We’re off! That we would be the Peñasco Payasos, (clowns) so named on a previous road trip. We had four new travelers this time who named themselves the frogies, after Kermit, their mascot! As before, we travel with Russ and Naomi of Peñasco Recreation. This time we set off for the City of Álamos in Southeastern Sonora.

First Stop, Guaymas

We spent the first night at the historic Bacochibampo Bay Hotel, Playa de Cortés. This is a beautiful old hotel that also has RV Spaces available. Their location is right on the bay with beautiful views. The hotel’s architecture is very charming early Mexican style. We had a great dinner in their dining room where we were served by a bartender who had been there 42 years and a waiter who had been there 37 years.

Playa de Cortés Hotel View across Bacochibampo Bay

Before leaving Guaymas the next morning, we had the breakfast buffet at the dining room of the Armida Hotel. It was fabulous and since Monday is ladies day, we did get a special discount. It too was a beautiful hotel and if you want to be more centrally located in the town, this would be a really nice place to stay.


Our first stop upon arriving in Álamos was to go up the hill to Mirador where you have a beautiful view of the town and surrounding countryside. (I won’t say we did this stop first because someone couldn’t find the hotel.) This town is a series of cobblestone streets, not in a grid fashion, and some streets are more like alleys in that they are very narrow. But it such a beautiful place to walk and we didn’t have much trouble finding our way around after the first day.

We had seven rooms at Casa de Encantada and our group had the place to ourselves. I think there are only 10 rooms. Most of the hotels in town are old converted haciendas from the days when this was a major silver mining town. As with the hacienda style, as you walk around next to the sidewalks you just see walls, but through each door way, there are fabulous courtyards with fountains and flowers galore.

View of town from Mirador Central Plaza and church

There were four modes of taking a riding tour of town and so inexpensive, 20 pesos. One is a motorized cart drawn by fiberglass horses, one a replica of a train, one a replica of an old touring car and last but not least, the wildly painted pick-up truck with seats in the back and playing American rock and roll music! Our favorite mode was walking. We were fortunate enough to also have a home tour and get to enter two homes. The home tours are conducted by Amigos de Educacion de Álamos

We went to two museums, one the Museo Costumbrista de Sonora had wonderful displays of the local history and the silver mining process and the other was a tribute to the great Mexican actress, María Félix. Unfortunately they are not doing a good job of preserving her photos and press articles.

We experienced great food in town. We loved the courtyard restaurant Luz del Sol for breakfast and free wi-fi. The gourmet Teresita’s for lunch. I have 5 pictures of their bathroom, an unbelievably unique and beautiful one. We also found a little neighborhood restaurant we loved, Doña Lola’s. We had our farewell dinner at Charisma in the Hotel La Mansion. We also toured the grounds of the 5-star resort, Hacienda de Los Santos, where I will stay on my next trip, and had a great lunch at their restaurant. One of our party, who shall remain nameless, went crazy in their silver shop and even borrowed money from her pals to buy a silver necklace!

Typical Street Scenes in Alamos with plants and bougainvilleas of every color

Heading Home

Because we missed seeing the port area of Guaymas, due to a parade the day we left town, we came back through and made a stop to look around some more before going on to San Carlos to spend the night at Paradiso resort. This facility was a club Med and is now being rehabilitated as a vacation resort catering to Mexican families. Nearby on the beach, were three restaurants. We chose the Soggy Peso, right on the sand. What great fun. Good food and a live band playing great music. The next morning we headed home after having a fabulous breakfast at Rosa’s Cantina in San Carlos, a not to be missed place when you are in the area.

I have over 200 photos from our trip and sorry that I can’t share more. I also can’t share about the cabana boy, the fireballs, painted dirt, desert shoes, Miss Hermosillo or what Kermit did on this trip.

Want to have this much fun? Contact Peñasco Recreation and sign up for one of their trips!!