I recently had lunch with a friend who was going to introduce me to some new Puerto Peñasco residents. I wanted to welcome them to our paradise. I found that Walt Disney was right, It’s a small world. It seems my life had crossed their lives many many times as their business in Arizona was a very important part of the lives of my family and friends.

At that lunch I met Ed and Maria Chilleen who have recently relocated from the Phoenix area to Puerto Peñasco. The business I knew so well, The Satisfied Frog restaurant in Cave Creek, Arizona had played a big part in the lives of my sons and I as well as family and friends who visited us in Scottsdale after we relocated from Orange County, California. It seems we had every celebration there – birthdays, graduations and visits from family and friends. Yet in all that time, Ed and Maria and I were never introduced.

I also found that my very good friend, Ginger, who used to live here but is now in Arizona, went to school with Ed. Two of my neighbors in Playa Encanto were also longtime friends of the Chilleens. It’s just amazing how lives cris-cross in this small world or as Ed mentioned seeing the Six Degrees of Separation theory played out.



Ed and Maria at Ramon’s Restaurant at the Sonoran Sea


A Little History

Ed first came to our town 45 years ago to go to Cholla Bay with friends and family. I’ll not tell you the story of their reaching the border when it was closed – to protect the innocent or perhaps the guilty! Over the years they would vacation here and in 1998 they brought their motor home to Playa de Oro and brought their airplane as well and had a business of flying advertising banners. In 2002 they closed the business and took their RV back to Arizona. They didn’t visit for quite a while. Then in 2012 Ed was invited to be a judge at the Iron Chef competition. Well one weekend did it and they decided to move here full time. They had sold the restaurant and were semi-retired. Ed was the creator of Chili Beer and also sold that. Interestingly enough he sold it to a brewery in Tecate, Mexico.


New Endeavors

Maria by profession was a Perfusionist. She operated the heat-lung machine at the Arizona Heart Institute. She has always been very health conscious and began using an anti-aging skincare and supplements through NuSkin and a homeopathic weight loss program, CR500. Both Ed and Maria have benefitted from these products. In their semi-retirement they continue to make those products available here in Puerto Peñasco. When you meet them, you will know that they work.

Ed has also gotten into the hot sauce business. Although this business didn’t develop as planned, he is working on new ideas as I write this. You can find his hot sauce, “Pinacate Picante”, sold by Peñasco Recreation at the Pinacate Visitors Center and the Tequila Factory. Ed also provides private label hot sauce for Don Julio’s.


Pinacate Picante Hotsauce label


Stay tuned for new developments from this entrepreneurial couple. I certainly look forward to the day we can find his hot sauces in all our restaurants and stores and Chili Beer too! To learn more about the anti-aging skincare and weight loss products you can contact them at: thinkyoungllc@gmail.com or at (011-52-638) 105-9491.

Ed and Maria, Welcome to paradise and good luck with your business endeavors.