Into the Night

They had no idea what they faced. It was dark as they drove down the highway from the border to Puerto Peñasco for the first time. A friend had told them about the place, so two couples and their kids headed southwest from Phoenix to check it out. The highway had many detours including one through a wash and they were thinking, – what had they done?



Yep, they found paradise after arriving at the condo in the Mirador area and stepping out the front door to the beach! They knew they would return but still weren’t sure of everything. When they went to the store the husband required the wife and son to stay in the car with the doors locked. And they wondered what was the deal about all those cars missing most of their body parts! (well, mention those “charangas” to long time residents and they will say “ahhhh the good old days.)


First Evolution

Return they did, renting places at the beach. They usually came at least twice a year and brought friends. Eventually the group was as large as 30 people. Now they went everywhere with comfort, no staying in the car with doors locked, and even began eating at the local taco stands and appreciating the ingenuity of those driving the charangas. Over those few years of week-end and holiday trips, they had decided they needed to have their own place here. So property was purchased and their house evolved. It took 6 years to become what it is today. So that is how Kit and Kevin came to be homeowners in Puerto Peñasco and experienced their first evolution.


Second Evolution

Kit is a marketing executive by trade and Kevin a custom home builder. During their visits, they kept asking themselves: “What could we do to make money here so we could stay more often?” It was still just a dream when Kit walked into an Avon Store in Phoenix and began talking with the owner. She decided that was something she could do in Puerto Peñasco. First she did business from her home, then from the shop on the first floor of Latitude 31 Restaurant. In 2009 she opened the Avon Beauty Center in Juarez Plaza on the south side of Ley’s Supermarket. They offered nails, manicures and pedicures as well as Avon products. And, so the second evolution of Kit and Kevin in paradise took place.

Third Evolution

Kit and Kevin are still traveling back and forth between Puerto Peñasco and Phoenix, but Kit is spending more and more time here and devotes her full time to the business. The Beauty Center has now expanded. Ashley brought her hairdressing services to the Center and she also does nails. Massages, facials and waxing services have been added handled by Ivonne and Veronica, who also do pedicures. Kit has other part time staff she can call on during busy times. Home service for massages, manicures and pedicures is now available. While they do take walk-ins, you might want to call for an appointment to be sure you can get the service when you want it. Their phone number is: (011-52-638) 383-1086.

There are Avon Books available in both English and Spanish for any product you would like, to order and they stock many items in the store. Drop in and talk to Stephanie to get a book and find out about the “in-store” specials. So there you have the third Evolution.

What’s Next

I have no idea what’s next for the Peñasco Beauty Center, but you would be wise to keep checking because Kit and Kevin always have something new up their sleeves while continuing their evolution of living and doing business in paradise.