From a Friend


It was from a friend at school that Naomi first heard about Puerto Peñasco. Her friend told her about the trips she took with her family.  But it was many years later that Naomi first experienced this paradise. It was after she married Russ and moved to Cottonwood, Arizona that they were invited, in 1983, to come along with friends to camp on the beach. That was the beginning of many adventures in Mexico.


Caravan Business


After making many week end and vacation trips with their trailer to Playa de Oro, Russ and Naomi were discussing how to spend more time here by establishing a business which would allow them to have a tax write-off for their trips! Their first thought was a bed and breakfast but decided that too much up- front capital would be required so they thought about doing something similar with folks who had their own “bed”. At first they started from Cottonwood and then later bought property in Ajo that was large enough for the staging area. They led caravans of RVs all over Mexico. They made frequent trips to Puerto Peñasco with their groups as well as the Copper Canyon and all the way to Mexico City.  They led the caravans from 1994 to 2000.


New Home


In 2002, they bought their home in town and are still in the same place today, although greatly remodeled and added on to, it looks nothing like the original. Russ and Naomi have both founded new enterprises and become great ambassadors for Mexico in general and Puerto Peñasco in particular. They attend tourism conventions and special events like the annual Quartzite Gem and Mineral Show to tell people about traveling to Puerto Peñasco.


New Enterprises


This ambitious couple now has several enterprises. Naomi has Off the Beach where she sells beach themed home accessories and jewelry as well as unique clothing items and purse that she has made.  She also provides craft material for you to make your own crafts. She has frames, boxes, mirrors and signs that you can decorate with your own shells and mementos or with those she has available in the shop. Naomi also is an expert seamstress who has been sewing since she was six years old.  I even saw the first dress she ever made.  She can meet all your needs from alterations to new clothing items. Ahhhhh my new rumba pants are fabulous.


Off the Beach is open on Wednesday from Noon to 6:00 p.m. and available at other times by appointment. You can contact Naomi at (cell) 044-638-113-4591, from the U.S. (011-521-638) 113-4591. Naomi will also bring a craft workshop to your home or other place for you and your friends.


You can also learn more about Naomi’s projects and products at her website: so check it out and learn more about this creative force that is making such a wonderful contribution to our paradise.

More to Come


Stay tuned for my next column and I’ll fill you in on Russ’s new enterprises.