In last month’s column I shared how Russ and Naomi discovered this paradise and Naomi’s local enterprises. I said this month I would tell you what activities Russ has started. But I’ll do that next month, for this month I was inspired to share a different story.

Coming home
Last month I spent 3 weeks cruising around the Caribbean Islands and was gone for a total of 24 days. This summer I was gone on a road trip through 8 Mexican states for 2 months. Each time I saw beautiful towns, beaches, sunsets, festivals and people – but nothing more beautiful than what I have at home. I get to live here in a piece of paradise. For most of my life, “home” has been a moving target. I’ve lived in Panama, Venezuela, Texas, Arkansas, California, Arizona and Mexico. I usually thought during my travels that I would return to Puerto Peñasco. I would say to myself and others that I was going back to Mexico, but his time I started saying that I was looking forward to going home. I’ve been here full time since 2003, and am just realizing that it isn’t just a great beach town where I live, it is home.

A few of my favorite things
So what couldn’t I wait for at home? It is a long list. First and foremost is the peace and quiet at my own house in Playa Encanto and the views and sunsets I see out my windows and from my patios. Then I can’t wait to drive around town, no traffic, and see what’s new. I love catching up with my neighbors and friends in Las Mariposas Sociales ladies group, The Connection Thursday Happy Hour Group and the Bunco Babes. I can’t wait to have the best iced tea in the world at Café Bistro (fresh fruit pieces and a bit of passion fruit syrup added) or a latte at Giuseppi’s where I can get them with decaf espresso flavored with sugar free vanilla or a mocha with sugar free chocolate. I have to have breakfast and check out the daily specials at Kauffeehaus. I have to have some fish tacos at Mary’s or Blue Marlin, the avocado surprise at Flavio’s and enjoy the weekend buffets at Don Julio’s or Giuseppi’s.

Since shopping is my hobby, I have to stroll the newly remodeled Malecon and see what’s new in the shops and check out the new inventory at my favorite segundas – This and That, and Consign and Design. I love checking out the new things available at the shops in Cholla Mall (also known as Rodeo Drive) and at Victor Aleman’s, Mercedes Rusticos and Off the Beach. I have to have lunch at Cocina de Ramon or La Curva or La Casa del Capitan and dinner at Mare Blu or Pan e Vino. I look forward to getting back to church to hear the message and the beautiful singing of Pastor Tab.

Sometimes we have to go away from home to appreciate what we have. If you have moved a lot, as I have, it may take a while for you to really become attached and identify with a place as home. It feels so good to return to what you consider home, that I wish everyone could have this experience. In 2012 my wish is that you find your “HOME” and, if it is Puerto Peñasco, remember the saying: “If you are lucky enough to live at the beach you are lucky enough”… and I’ll add that if it is this beach, the paradise that is Puerto Peñasco, you are truly very lucky.