Cholla DoloresAlways Interesting

I love talking to people who have a connection to Puerto Peñasco from many years ago. Their stories are always so interesting and, since I didn’t come to town until 1983, I love to hear about the times before that. Through a friend, I recently met Dolores. She is currently working for the Sonoran Resorts and has just recently moved here full time, but her story goes back a long way.


Way Back When

In the mid-fifties her father’s friends had a house in Cholla Bay and he came down with them to fish in the “Leaky Tiki”. Back then JJ’s was known simply as “The Cantina”. She first came with the family in the early sixties and at that time they were staying with another family in Cholla. Her parents bought their “cabin” in 1968, but it had been built in 1949 or 1950. Her parents were Clarito and Teresa Wilson. For years she came with friends and family to enjoy time at the beach. In the late 70’s the house was falling apart and her father wanted to sell but the rest of the family wanted to keep it so they started the rebuild/remodel project. The Wilson’s were quite well known in Cholla. Her mom wrote for the Cholla Chatter Newsletter and played Mrs. Clause for years at the Christmas party.

In fact, the church in Cholla is going to be dedicated to her mom, Teresa Wilson.


1959 looking at screened patio 2013 Quite a difference!


Off and On

Dolores came and went from Puerta Peñasco for many years. At times, as with all of us, careers and raising a family seemed to consume all of her time. So for many years she was in Tucson, but never forgot Puerto Peñasco. She knew she would return some day. Her mom convinced her to buy a condo, which she did at Sonoran Spa in 2000, before it was built. Then she bought at Sonora Sea intending it for a rental or for resale. In 2004 she came to join the SBR sales team. She sold real estate in Cholla and at Casa Blanca. In 2008 she had to leave again to return to Tucson and care for her parents.



She finally returned in 2012 and lives her full time now and is working for the Sonoran Resorts. Dolores loves the community, her job, and her friends, and is so happy to be living full time in Puerto Peñasco. If you are looking for property at one of the Sonoran’s, the Spa, Sea, Sun, or Sky, Dolores would love to help you. You can reach her at 638-104-2686 or