A very different time:

It was 1968 and it was a very different time and a very different Puerto Peñasco that Mercedes found when she arrived by train with her brothers. Her parents had died and her mother’s sister lived in Puerto Peñasco and was going to take care of part of her sister’s family. By now, all the family is here from Culiacan, Sinaloa.
They arrived at 2:00 a.m. and there was only one taxi driver in town. The good thing was that he knew her aunt and soon they were settled in at their new home. Mercedes lived in the Pueblo Viejo area and she thought there was no place more beautiful and that she would never leave it. Changes over the years brought her to the Port area.

Many Local businesses
Mercedes at her store

Mercedes’s brother owns Numeros and her sister owns Salmos. Before opening her shop, Mercedes Rusticos, she had a clothing store and then took a couple of years off. She then opened two Tobacco Shops, the one of 13th Street is still open. Looking for new opportunities, she opened her current store on Alcantar in the Port. She travels to Michoacan, Guadalajara, Puebla, Guanajuato and Mexico City to buy items for her store.

Mercedes Rusticos carries all types of dishware, decorative items, glassware, decorative pots and iron sculptures. It is my first stop for any gift that I need as well as items for my own home. Don’t miss this fabulous store next time you are in Puerto Peñasco.

Featured items at Mercedes Rusticos

Business has certainly been a challenge during the remodel of the Port. But Mercedes is all for the progress and looking forward to more progress in Puerto Peñasco, as plazas receive updates and new plants and sidewalks are added to promote walking around our town.

Open for business – Mercedes Rusticos without sidewalk or street paving

Don’t miss this fabulous store in our paradise next time you are in town. Until the Port remodel is finished it might be a little difficult getting there, but I promise you, it is worth it.