In the Beginning

When thinking about what to write this month, I thought back to the origins of my column. It started with the stories from both Americans and Mexicans about how they discovered Puerto Peñasco, which I referred to as paradise. After a while those stories seemed to fall into a few categories. For the Americans it was mostly stories about a friend, a coworker, or family that brought them town. Some were RV’ers who heard from other RV’ers about the area and being able to pull their RV right up to the beach with the convenience of hook-ups. For the Mexicans it was mostly stories about economic opportunity. Usually a family member or a friend had ventured out to Puerto Peñasco and let them know that there were opportunities here with either jobs or starting their own businesses. At first a lot of jobs were in the fishing industry, then came the rise in construction activity and more recently, the tourist industry. So the column became less about finding paradise and more about living in paradise and then traveling to other Mexican communities to discover that there were lots of paradises in this county. So Finding Paradise hardly seems applicable any more. I’m not sure of what the new name will be, but I’m thinking about it.

Busy Busy Busy

I am so happy to say that it has been very busy in town for the last couple of months. There is even more fun coming up. When you read this we will have already had Semana Santa, the Cajun Party at the Mermaid Market, the Cholla Bash, another Mark Mulligan concert, the Indoor version of the Mermaid Market at the Sonoran Spa, the annual charity pancake breakfast and silent auction at Latitude 31 and, of course, the Memorial Day Weekend just to name a few. In June, don’t miss the Roger Clyne concert and the annual charity rubber duckie race. Check out and Rocky Point Times on line at and Rocky Point Times on Facebook for all the happenings in addition to picking up your free copy of the newspaper.

Road Construction

While I am happy for our local merchants for the increase in business I am not particularly loving the extra traffic. The additional traffic is a bigger problem that it would ordinarily be due to all the road construction in town. Just when I tell someone how to get around the construction, they even change the detours and some of them are very congested. I urge you to have patience and allow a little more time to get where you need to go. Think about how nice it is to drive on those new concrete streets that have been completed and how great it will be when there are more of them. Please brave the construction and continue to support the merchants along those routes as they do lose some business during the construction interruptions.

A Few of my favorite things about this Paradise

I want to share a few of my favorite things in town which are in addition to fabulous sunsets, beaches and water sports! I love how this community comes together to help those in need. I love the Connection group who have happy hour at FISH (formerly the Lighthouse) on Thursdays. I love the Peñasco Singles group and having breakfast on Saturday morning at a different restaurant in town each week. I love Pedro’s at the fish market on the Malecon, Kauffeehaus and Latitude 31 on Benito Juarez and Mariachis y Tequila on Rodeo Drive, Rocio’s on Luis Encinas and Xochitl’s (aka Sally’s) in Cholla. I love my mechanic,Chico at Arizona Auto, my dentist, Dr. Yamamoto on No Reeleción and my home maintenance guy, Vidal Trevizo, who can fix anything. I love the services at Peñasco Beauty Center, Sonoran Spa and Luis y Gaby Art Shop. I love the wonderful things at Mercedes Rusticos on Alcantar in the Old Port and Victor Aleman’s on the Sonoyta Highway North of town. I love the fruit salad at Ayala’s Shop on Kino and Benito Juarez. (I hear the smoothies are wonderful too, but they aren’t on my diet!) I love the Mermaid Markets and Peñasco Recreation’s travel tours. So you can see how much I love living in this town. If you contact me through the Rocky Point Times with a few of your favorite things and I’ll share them in a future article. We all love something different so share your favorites for others to discover.