New location

Recently while looking for some new bar stools I thought I would drop in at one of my favorite shops, Consign and Design. Well I discovered that they had moved from the Old Port area to Fremont Blvd.

They are now located just across from Melanie Plaza, in the building that had been a convenience store with storage units around it. So of course I started talking to the owner, Jill, about how she discovered Puerto Peñasco.

Jill and Tammy in front of the new store location

Vacation and a warm climate

In Bend, Oregon, Jill and her sister operated the largest consignment furniture store, De Ja Vu, in the Northwest. They each took 2 months of vacation in the winter. Jill headed for a warmer climate and was in Palm Springs when a friend from Arizona visited her there and suggested that she check out the beach town of Puerto Peñasco. What Jill didn’t know at the time, was that her friend had never been here, but just had heard about it.

So Jill came in her motorhome to check it out. She found a booming community, in 2003, with the condo construction in full swing. The town was not exactly the “fishing village” that her friend had told her about. Falling in love with the area, she figured that if she sold her business and her home in Oregon she could buy a home here and retire. Well she did that, all except the retire part.

Back to work

Jill soon discovered that her retirement fund wasn’t as robust as it needed to be so she looked for an opportunity, and in 2004 she opened Jill’s Place (aka Paradise Bar and Grill) in the El Mirador area and was also working in sales at the Sonoran Resorts. After an accident in 2006 Jill closed that business. After recovering for a while in Tucson and Puerto Peñasco, she once again looked for a business opportunity and decided to get back into her old business, furniture consignment. She met a friend here who had been in the clothing consignment business. Together they opened Consign and Design in 2007. One part was furniture and household accessories and the other clothing, shoes, purses and jewelry. The business was located in the old Costa Brava restaurant building. Dahlia also shared space with Consign and Design providing manicures and pedicures. After her partner moved, Tammy joined Jill to handle the clothing side of the business. Tammy is from Canada and came to Puerto Peñasco via Mesa, Arizona in 2008 with a friend. She loved the relaxing, “leave your worries at the border” atmosphere and she too began to look for business opportunities when the clothing consignment became available.


For a while the clothing was moved to a separate location, also in the Old Port area. As hard economic times hit Puerto Peñasco, Jill started looking for a new location that would be easier to manage and, after a plumbing mishap, Tammy needed to relocate as well. So that led them to the current location on Blvd. Fremont. Of course, Dahlia came along with the manicure and pedicure service.

The new location is very convenient, easy to find, has paved parking and it is one story. Having the storage units on the premises gives Jill the opportunity to easily rotate her inventory and continually give the store a fresh look.

Jill and Tammy showing some of the stores Merchandise

Another piece of the puzzle

Fernando and Virginia, who moved here from Mesa 3 years ago work with Jill at Consign and Design and they are also partners in another store on Boulevard Samuel Ocaña, called Para Ti. To find Para Ti, from Benito Juarez turn on to Samuel Ocaña and it will be on your left just before the second stop sign, next door to Pizzeria Delizzia.

Fernando with daughters Iliana and Denise

Unfortunately Dahlia was not available for our “photo session” but as you can see, there is a very nice manicure/pedicure area in the new location. You’ll often find Virginia at the counter and ready to answer any of your questions and give you the assistance that you need. The new location is not completely set up as the ladies would like, but it is well on its way. So if you need anything for your home or your wardrobe be sure and stop by. Not only have I sold my consigned items there, I have also bought a lot of things. So much for my plan to downsize!!

Manicure/Pedicure area Virginia, always ready to help


No visit to Consign and Design is complete without stopping to greet Lupe, Jill’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, that is, if she doesn’t greet you first.

Lupe, store greeter? Maybe store napper!

Paradise Found

From Oregon, Canada, and Arizona 4 more folks, and a dog, find a home, new friends and new business opportunities in the paradise that is Puerto Peñasco.