Hundreds of Rubber Duckies will arrive at Sandy Beach on Sunday June 14th after racing from the “About Time” yacht Rubber Ducky-005 somewhere near the shore with numbers tattooed on their little behinds, hopefully at least one of which will be your Ducky number! If that happens, you could win one of dozens of great and valuable prizes like golf foursomes at Las Palomas or Laguna Shores; two nights in a luxury ocean front Sonoran Resort Condominium; Spa visits, gift baskets, gift certificates and much, much more.

So put your money on a Ducky’s behind for just $5 dollars—or even better, get three numbers on three Duckies for just $10 dollars, and the coup de Ducky?, get six Duckies racing for you for just $20 ducks—err–bucks! All your money is going to make a bunch of Puerto Peñasco school children able to study more with the right kinds of supplies through the nonprofit organization, Adopt-a-Classroom, which helps thousands of kids in 13 schools, including one school in Port Lobo.

All you have to do to corral your stable of Rubber Duckies is email Barb Olszewski at or Sandy Spain at If you are in the U.S., just call Barb on her Vonage number: 602-324-9529. They will give you the details from there.

Your money is going for a great cause. Mark and Barb Olszewski founded Adopt-a-Classroom 15 years ago and along with their many friends have provided thousands of kids and teachers with badly needed school supplies and equipment as well as helping many with the fees required for advancing through the higher grades, even finding suitable clothing for them over the years. At any given time, you might catch Mark at one of the schools repairing plumbing, broken fixtures and anything else that can go wrong at a facility full of energetic kids.

Although you do not have to be present to win (your Ducky on the other hand, does) it’s a lot of fun to be at Sandy Beach between the Sonoran Spa and Sonoran Sea (you’ll recognize the crowd) and watch your Ducky claim victory. Here’s how the race schedule works—not quite like the Derby because they don’t race on the Sea of Cortez—so you don’t miss your Ducky fighting for victory. All Duckies and the crew of Rubber Ducky Race Wranglers will board the “About Time” fishing yacht with Captain and owner, Adolfo Perez departing the harbor at 9:00 AM and navigating to the Ducky debarking location—said location will be in plain site of the crowd assembled on Sandy Beach, many of whom will be volunteers assisting Sandy in identifying and recording the order of Ducky arrivals. Meanwhile, back on the sea, at approximately 10:00 AM, the Ducky Dumping Team will debark (read: dump) the Duckies into the sea for the kayak team of Ducky Wranglers who will make every effort to insure a fair race, and to keep the Duckies in a row, so to speak. By the way, if you happen to have a Ducky Caller, you should bring it to the beach so you can compete with the serious Ducky bettors like our friend and photographer, Tony Ballesteros whose quacker is top of the line and highly motivating. With no Ducky Caller, you can still even the race by investing in more Rubber Duckies (remember 6 Rubber Duckies for just $20 Buckies!) You can bring an ice chest to the beach, or there is the pool bar. There’s also a rumor that the group is going have some breakfast together before the Duckies arrive. You’ll learn more about that when you contact Barb or Sandy.

So, here’s how it works in the form of a schedule:

WHAT: Rubber Ducky Race on the Sea of Cortez for Charity

CAUSE: Raise money for the nonprofit Adopt-a-Classroom organization serving 13 schools and thousands of kids.

WHEN: Sunday June 14th – 10:00 AM – NOON (Approximately) DSC_0044

WHERE: On the beach in front of the Sonoran Sea and Spa

HOW TO ENTER: Purchase a Ducky. $5.00 USD for one; Buy two, get one FREE. (Do the math, you kind and generous person, that’s Three Duckies for the price of Two!)

*Call Barb Olszewski from the US at 602-324-9529

*Email either Barb at or Sandy Spain at


HOW TO WIN: Invest in Duckies! Build your odds with Barb’s special incentive of one free Ducky for every two you purchase. No Limit! Well…there are less than 1,500 Duckies available. Then, if your Rubber Ducky (with your number clearly marked on its bottom) arrives to shore while there are still prizes to claim, you are a Lucky Duck!


You DO NOT have to be present to win any of the fabulous prizes. Your Ducky (or Barb, or Sandy) will contact you if it wins a prize. So be sure to include your telephone number and email address with your entry donation.

For great fun, great prizes for a great cause, plus the Lucky Ducky bragging rights until next year, don’t be a Lame Duck; get your Rubber Ducky Race entry now…and Good Luck, you Lucky Duck!

Remember, it’s always all about the kids!

This article is brought to you by the Sonoran Resorts Sales Team,, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing.