I am continually amazed by the community of sharing, caring, giving individuals who live and visit our corner of paradise. For me, this amazing town, its amazing people, and the amazing vistas have really made for one very blessed retirement. I think they should find another word that differentiates between retirement involving less activity and retirement involving more activity. Many of the retirees that I have met here will tell you that they are busier than when they worked. I certainly know I am.

One amazing vista, parasailing at sunset.

(Another kind of amazing, the photographs by Tony Ballesteros)


Coming Together

There are many groups in Puerto Peñasco working to help those in need. Recently I had the experience of a couple of joint events with my ladies group, Las Mariposas Sociales, and Barbara and Mark Olszewski’s group, Adopt a Classroom. We combined our resources to conduct a pancake breakfast at the Lighthouse Restaurant where we sold 100 (one hundred) breakfasts and 40 special mimosas to support the electric needs of the Esperanza para Nueva Vida Community Center in the barrio San Rafael. So many stepped forward to give us items for a silent auction, attend the breakfast and make donations. The wonderful staff at Lighthouse Restaurant did a fabulous job, with some help from friends, to make and serve the breakfasts and drinks.

Some of the 100 supporters enjoying breakfast and the views at the Lighthouse


We Did It Again

Aaaah, the Rubber Duckie Race – what a fun event. About 30 of us met before the ducks came ashore for the breakfast buffet at Ramon’s Restaurant at the Sonoran Sea. Then we all trooped down to the beach and waited for the ducks to come ashore. It was quite a scene as folks were cheering on their ducks being “herded” to shore by duck wranglers in kayaks. Our well-known and certifiably crazy local photographer, Tony, had named his ducks and was using a duck call to encourage them. Sadly none of his ducks were winners. But 23 prizes were awarded to duck owners. 529 ducks were sold!


Duck wranglers waiting for ducks to be released      Some of the winning ducks being recorded


One of our great helpers with rounding up the ducks and some interesting observers of the event
This event raised funds to help in two areas not previously receiving any funding. One fund will buy bus tickets for members of our disabled community who do not have the means but need to get to Hermosillo to see medical specialists. The other fund will cover expenses to send qualifying kids to the various regional and national Special Olympics. Watch for my next article to learn about the plans to bring sports to the disabled with the appointment of a new volunteer Director for that effort.

Thank You

Thank you to all you wonderful residents, visitors and businesses in Puerto Peñasco for caring, sharing and coming together to make this paradise just a bit better for those most in need.