Rumor has it that there is this fun group of women who usually have lunch with an informative program about the community and then raise a little money for local worthy causes. They call themselves Las Mariposas Sociales, the Social Butterflies. So that’s all pretty normal, right? There are several community women’s groups.

So what happened on April 3rd? The ladies were seen going to town in their pajamas! Yep, seems 35 of them went up to the Lighthouse Restaurant for an old fashioned pajama party and brunch. The restaurant owner, Iva, was seen in a caftan and one of the waiters, Mac, was in his pajamas and another staff member in his sweats.

Well folks, it’s all true and here are some pictures to prove it!!! There were prizes for creative “no hair-do’s” and creative seat assignments! A great time was had by all.