By Sandy Spain

Street Food – Burros Longos
We have great food in some places that may seem unlikely to visitors and foreign residents not familiar with “street food”. You will want to seek these places out and try their food.
You will love the burritos at Burros Longos. A mother and daughter duo own the three Burros Longos stands in town. Mama, Margarita, owns two of them and daughter, Nohemi (Mimi) owns one. Both ladies say the most popular of their several types of burritos is the carne con chile colorado.

The three locations for Burros Longos

The first location Margarita opened, Burros Longos Originales, is on Fremont just west of Josefa O. de Domínguez. She is now on the South side of the street. She has had this stand for 10 years. Her second location, Burros Longos 2, is on Benito Juárez, on the east side of the street south of López Portillo (the street that is south of Bodega Aurerra). Mimi’s stand, Burros Longos Mimi, is on No Reelección (Calle 26) on the South side of the street between the railroad tracks and Luis Encinas. Mimi has owned this location for 6 years.

Margarita (on the right) Mimi

Street Food – Las Brisas
A little bit more of a building than the Burros Longos is Las Brisas on the southwest corner of Sinaloa and Sonora. While they have a variety of tacos, as well as quesadillas, and chili rellenos, they are famous for their “papa relleno”. This is a VERY LARGE baked potato stuffed with all kinds of goodies. Stop in and see Hector and try one – well actually you’ll probably only be able to eat a half. He has been here for six years and we’ve watched this stand continue to grow, both the building and the number of customers.

Las Brisas and owner Hector and one of his helpers.

Street Food – El Chon (the hot dog man)
Well, this owner, Asunsion, sure wins the first prize for longevity. He has been operating his hot dog stand for 40 years!! He now receives help from his son Jorge. The name of the cart is El Chon, but everyone just knows him as “the hot dog man”. He is available to bring his cart to your location for a party. He is a favorite of the folks at Playa de Oro RV Park. He is located on Constitución, just off Benito Juarez across from the ABC Bus facility.

Jorge fixing a hotdog with everything for my friend Maureen

A Short Disconnect
Now for a short disconnect having nothing to do with food! I recently needed to move some furniture from Scottsdale to Las Conchas. I saw an ad for “Border Movers” and contacted Geoff. What a fabulous experience. He met me at the storage facility to see what needed to be moved. He gave me a price. I gave him a key and returned to Puerto Peñasco. A week later, as promised, my furniture was put in the condo. The bed was put together and the furniture placed as I wanted it. I did not have to go to the border or lift a finger. What a treat. Geoff can move anything you need to Mexico or from Mexico back to the states and not just furniture. He recently delivered a boat from the U.S. to Puerta Vallarta. He also can move your RV. I highly recommend his service for stress free moving.

Geoff of Border Movers That is one really big trailer

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