This month I thought I would tell you how another writer for the Rocky Point Times found this paradise.

Turning the Tables!!!

I turned the tables on Cap’n Greg of the “Ask Cap’n Greg,” column and asked him questions about himself. Now I can’t reveal his whole name, as he wishes to maintain an air of mystery. Like that’s so easy to do in the small town of Puerto Peñasco with your picture in the Rocky Point Times.

Cap’n Greg is probably the only one of us Rocky Point Times columnists who is really a writer, but that’s a whole other story. Anyway he and his wife, Sandy, moved from Iowa to Mesa about 20 years ago and some friends, who had been coming to Puerto Peñasco once a year for 15 years invited them to join the group. Well they loved it immediately (sound familiar?) and decided once a year wasn’t enough. They progressed from tents to trailers and finally had a sort of permanent space in the upper part of Playa Elegante, then lower Elegante and now you will find them in Playa de Oro.

Cap’n can do his writing anywhere and now spend his time in Mesa and Puerto Peñasco, though as summer approaches they spend a little more time in Mesa. When in town, you might find him and Sandy riding around in their vintage Cushman named La Cosa Rosa with their terrier Jezebel.

Cap’n says that he is sadden by the fact that Rocky Point is no longer the sleepy fishing village it was before Sandy Beach was developed (sound familiar?), but that the progress hasn’t ruined the beautiful ocean or the friendly people and their culture, and he and Sandy still love it here. To be precise he said, “we still love the escape”.

And two more find paradise.