kids and macy crop2Stuff Happens

Well stuff does happen and sometimes a lot of stuff at one time! So here I am, one day past the deadline date and I don’t have an article. Why, you may ask. Answer, because stuff happens. So I am thinking I need to write something and three stories I had in the making all crashed and burned. Perhaps they will be resurrected at a later time. So this article will be – to borrow great titles from friends of mine – This and That and Ramblings. For those of you who might not know This and That is the name of a great segunda (second hand store) owned by my friend Donna, located on Alcantara on your way out of the Old Port and Rosie’s Ramblings was the name of the articles that the famous (or is that infamous) Rosie Glover used to write for this newspaper. FYI, Donna had a serious ankle break and her store will be closed until October, but be sure and stop in this fall. I have bought several items for my house there and she always has a few very nice articles of clothing and accessories as well.



So here are just a bunch of tidbits from paradise (hmmm, is that a new feature in the making?). As I’m sure you have heard by now, and hopefully experienced yourself, town is really jumping. I live in Playa Encanto and I haven’t seen this many neighbors in town for several years. In fact, I recently spent a day showing one neighbor around. She and her husband have owned a house here for many years but are only here a few days at a time and spend most of their time at the beach and just venture into town to a couple of restaurants that they know. She had a list of places that she wanted to see and I had a list that I wanted to show her – we didn’t finish, either list, so we have a plan for another day. Other friends are coming in two weeks and we plan a repeat.

Thanks to my friend Dick, I finally made it to the movies. I can tell you that I will be going much more often.  Keep that in mind for the summer because the theaters are really comfortable with stadium seating and air conditioning.  The movie we saw was in English with Spanish sub-titles. In addition to the great entertainment, it helps you to improve your language skills. Check out what’s playing at

Speaking of my friend Dick, he knows where all the good food in this town is and helped me out when I wrote the articles on where to shop for different items. I now have joined his other friends in trying to convince him he should write a regular column on food establishments.  At lunch we even kicked around a few titles and formats – so hopefully that will be happening.

kids and macy crop2If you are not already on the list and like to eat, I recommend getting on the list for Kaffeehaus Restaurant. Each Monday owners Uwe and Lilly send out a list of the specials for the week. Since I live about a 30 minute drive from town and about 7 miles of that are rough dirt roads, I plan ahead for the days I drive in to town. I bet you can guess what I am going to say next – yep, I check the menu and when I can, plan those trips on days that they are serving one of my favorite dishes. Email them at: to get on the list. Of course, I always have to visit Giuseppi’s too. The only place in town where I can get sugar free specialty coffee drinks (mmmmm iced mochas) and sugar free cookies – thank you Anita!

Mermaid Market is over until fall but you can still see Naomi’s wonderful creations at her Off the Beach Workshop. Regular hours are noon to five on Fridays and other hours by appointment. I have not taken anyone there who has been able to walk out without buying something! Another list you might want to get on is for the weekly travel photo and Puerto Peñasco events information that Naomi and husband Russ of Peñasco Recreation put out. Email Russ at to get on that list. Hopefully Naomi and the other wonderful artistic folks, like photographer Tony Ballesteros and jewelry makers Judy and Donna and chocolatier Marilyn will be back this fall to continue the Mermaid Market.

Recently a friend told me that she heard on TV, doesn’t remember the day or channel but just before the Memorial Day weekend that the weather person, reporting on Phoenix’s high temperatures, said to not expect to go to Rocky Point and avoid the heat because it was 107 degrees there! Well unbelievable as we all know that is not true. Then another friend called about a week later and told me that she heard a feature on one of the Phoenix morning shows that talked about places to go to get away from the heat and one of those places was Rocky Point. So go figure. Don’t know which one my sister saw, but she called and wanted to know where I was (aaahh cell phones) and she couldn’t believe I was still here because it was so hot. So as I talked to her – I went and checked my weather center and it was 82 degrees on my patio and she was calling from 106 degrees in Fountain Hills.


Come on Down

So folks, not only is the weather great as I am writing this in the second week of June, but this is still a paradise for families. My grandkids, their parents, aunt, cousins and dog were all here at the end of April and as always had a fabulous time.