First of all we want to welcome you and thank you for choosing Rocky Point as your second home, or your main place of residence.

Lately I have been meeting new clients who have just bought a house or a condo and are anxious to feel at home, most of these properties coming fully furnished.

It’s true there are some benefits when you buy a property including furniture yet, as always, there are pros & cons about it, take a look at what the American Financial Resources has to say,


  1. Purchasing a furnished home can save you a lot of time.
    If you need to start a new, demanding job right away or have young children, you might not have a lot of time to browse through the furniture galleries and hunt for a bargain.
  2. Furnished homes can save you money.
    Depending on the location of your home and the quality and age of the furniture, paying a little more for a fully-furnished home could save you thousands of dollars.
  3. Partially-furnished homes may offer the best of both worlds.
    3.If your home comes only partially furnished – say, just with the bed, dresser, couch and dining set, you still have plenty of opportunity to decorate and furnish as you are able. With the bare necessities taken care of, you’re free to make the home “your own” on your own time.



  1. The furniture may – or may not – really be yours.
    Before you buy a furnished home, make sure you have a clear understanding of which items will remain in the home after the sale. A detailed list should be included in the purchase contract so there are no surprises on move in day when either item you had been counting on are missing, or lots of stuff you didn’t want remains for you to dispose of.
  2. You don’t know the furniture.
    Unless the seller gives you a receipt showing the furniture is brand new, you have no real way of knowing its history. A good way to avoid any unpleasant surprises is to thoroughly inspect every single piece of furniture you are about to buy. Make sure every lamp works; flip over every cushion so you’re aware of any hidden stains, etc. This will take some extra time, but you’ll be glad you did it.
  3. You might be paying too much.
    Some people who decide to sell their furniture have emotional attachments to it and will therefore overvalue it. This is where your best judgment will come into play. How badly do you want the furniture? Will the extra money be worth the time and hassle you’ll be saving?


I always tell my clients who are moving to a new place to let the house speak to them regarding furniture needs or home décor. The house will tell you what is needed after you are there for a few days or weeks.

It becomes easier when the home is going back to a rental business, you make a few changes and it’s ready, however if it is only you and your family who are going to live there then you will probably want to make it your own right away.

Over the years clients and I have worked on different challenges, I remember an apartment we had to strip the blue water-based paint over the wood in the entire house! Closets, doors, and kitchen cupboards you name it, everything in blue! Yet the view from that condo was worth it!

If it is your situation we want to tell you we are here to help, your new place might feel outdated but you can always change that, for example upgrading with granite the kitchen counter top, adding a splash of color with new paint, re-upholstering pieces of furniture you rather keep and so forth. Just flow with the house, the house will tell you what it needs.

In Diseños Casa y Jardín besides carrying a great variety of furniture lines and home accessories, we restore, re-upholster or re-purpose furniture with new looks that you & your friends will love, like the white-leather upholstered headboard for a young man that we re-designed from his old and outdated bed!

At Diseños Casa y Jardín we are looking forward to meeting you and are eager to take on the new challenges your new h