Ongoing training for Municipal Public Security and Tourist Assistance Unit Officers has been a priority for the municipal government, and the result has been to make and keep Puerto Peñasco as one of the safest tourist destinations in Sonora and, in fact, all of Mexico.

The latest round of training courses were in defense, disarmament, arrest tactics, weapons and firearms, self protection and reaction to threats, safety and detention from a vehicle, weapons competency and accuracy, coordination and logistics, as well as other important topics. In addition the officers were trained and updated in CPR, bleeding control, and first aid.

Physical conditioning is also a major part of law enforcement and the officers were given instructions and training on different exercises and movements meant to increase strength and health. Since Puerto Peñasco is frequented by many English speakers, there are also ongoing English language courses given to the public safety officials.

Accompanied by Captain Raúl Quintero Barrón, Commissioner of Municipal Public Security, Osvaldo Haros, deputy director of Public Security, Carlos Bravo Ramírez, director of the Tourist Assistance Unit, Sergio Camacho, president of the International Association in Special Tactics and police instructor of the City of Phoenix, Arizona, Mayor Kiko Munro stressed that Puerto Peñasco has prioritized ongoing training of the public safety personnel in order to always provide the safety and security for residents and visitors.

There were a total of 37 awards presented to the public safety and Tourist Assistance officers in recognition of their participation and completion of the series of courses.

Mayor Kiko Munro commented that the efforts of the municipal government continue to give results through the implementation of the Peñasco Seguro Security Plan, which has been in place from 2015 to the current time, and he promised to continue to improve the public safety sector personnel by training them, equipping them, and providing the tools needed in order to carry out their arduous work in serving and protecting Puerto Peñasco.

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