Hello Rocky Point friends. I haven’t been writing for a while due to a severe case of writer’s block, but I’m back!

I’ve been thinking about the one major difference I’ve found living here full time, for a little over a year now. WATER. When I lived in Arizona, I was able to go to my refrigerator, hit a button and get a filtered glass of water, hit another button and get ready made ice. Living here, the water situation is quite different. If you live at a resort, you may have a reverse osmosis system, and a fancy refrigerator that makes ice. However, like most people in town, we don’t. We have to go out and buy our drinking water and ice. This really makes me appreciate the simple act of drinking water. I didn’t realize how much water I drink in a day. There is a sheer feeling of terror when I see that jug getting too low. I know I have to make time to get to the water store, and because I can’t lift the big 5-gallon jugs, I have to make sure my husband is home to get them out of the car and put them on the stand. I recently found out they have “chicos” which are smaller 2.5-gallon jugs and I plan on getting a few of them too.

Because of my newfound value of water, my morning coffee routine has also undergone a drastic change. When we first moved here we had our Keurig, but it promptly broke. This was really a blessing in disguise because you cannot buy Keurig pods in Rocky Point (and the pods are bad for the environment anyway). So we went to Sam’s Club and bought a regular old fashioned coffee pot. After a few months of making a whole pot of coffee and having half of it left at the end of the day, I started twitching at the water waste. I happened to have some instant coffee leftover from the TikTok whipped coffee craze of Spring 2020, so I started using it for my morning coffee. The trick is to use a tablespoon of the instant, not the teaspoon on the directions. I can use tap water since I boil it in the microwave. I finally have it down to my favorite recipe: 1 Tbsp coffee, 1 Tbsp Coffee Mate, 2 packets of Stevia, and a dash of cinnamon. Making iced coffee is also super easy with instant coffee, which is a definite plus!

Regarding the question “is the water safe to drink” in Rocky Point. I don’t know of anyone who drinks the tap water in town, even locals who have lived here their whole lives. Err on the side of caution and buy filtered water or bottled water.

I do use tap water if I’m boiling anything like pasta. I also use the tap water to brush my teeth and wash vegetables. I accidentally took a big gulp of tap water once not realizing it was a cup of water my daughter was using to water plants. I didn’t get sick but it did taste really gross.

When eating out, I usually ask for “house water” or “agua de casa” because most restaurants serve filtered water, and you don’t have to spend extra money on a bottle of water. Most of the larger resorts have their own water filtration system and some also have reverse osmosis in the rooms which makes comparable to the US standards of safety. If you are worried at all about water safety, just stick to bottled water…Or Tequila!