July is here and you are probably enjoying your summer vacation by the beach and pool. However, sometimes you need other options if you need a break from the sun and heat, so here are some suggestions for things to do around town.

Things to do with kids

#1 Pool and beach (obviously!) Don’t forget the sand toys!

#2 Aquario Peñasco – has turtles and other sea life

#3 Cedo – Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (https://cedo.org)

#4 Cinepolis for a movie. We love the movie theater, it’s inexpensive, nice and cool, clean, and great snacks. The movies are often in Spanish, but it’s still a fun time even if you don’t speak Spanish, especially kid’s movies where you can still pretty much figure out what’s going on. They also feature movies in English.

#5 Seashell Museum – open on Friday’s from 10am – 2pm

#6 The Pirate Ship sunset cruise (Rey del Mar)

#7 Michoacana for juices and ice cream treats – so refreshing!

#8 Churros y Elotes Peñasco (open from 5:30pm until 11pm)

#9 Paint and Sip (Wednesdays and seasonally on some Saturdays)

#10 A grocery store, fruteria, or dulceria, for treats you cannot get in the US.

The best restaurants for kids, in my experience, are ones where kids and run around instead of being trapped in a seat. Latitude 31 is great, especially for littles because they have play area (also Mickey Mouse pancakes). For daytime we also like Wrecked at the Reef and Manny’s because kids can play in the sand. For dinner, Puesta del Sol has a nice large outside area and beautiful sunsets. If you don’t want to go out, there are lots of great Pizzerias for takeout and Pollo Lucas chicken is always a hit. Everyone has their opinion on the best Pizza in town. My favorites for takeout are Roger’s Pizza, Mama Mia, and PizzaLand. For eating pizza out at a restaurant, we like Al Capones and Pane e Vino, which are both kid friendly. There are also a ton of other great restaurants in town, but this month’s suggestions are ones we know are a good bet with younger kids.

Things to do with friends:

Shopping in the Old Port or Rodeo Drive (stop in Mariachis y Tequila for their Sangria)

Tequila Factory for tequila tasting

Bar/Restaurant hopping in the Old Port

Reserve the Party Bus to take you bar hopping (sometimes they also do a taco stand hopping)

Massages at one of the great local spas

Take a CEDO Eco tour

Drive to the Oyster Farms for fresh oysters straight from the estuary

Sunset Cruise

Fishing Charter


Bird Island Tour (also great for kids)

Of course, this list is not all inclusive…it’s just some of our tried-and-true weekends in Rocky Point.

Miscellaneous tips:

Summer vacation packing tips for Rocky Point…Summer in Rocky Point is HOT; think 80 to 95 degrees with about 65 – 80% humidity. The plus side is you don’t need to pack much clothing, just a few swimsuits, shorts, tank tops, and flip flops. Don’t forget your sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses.

Oh, and do the Rocky Point shuffle when you’re going into the ocean in the summer.

Many restaurants are closed on Wednesdays so double check their Facebook page for days and hours.

Please say Hola! If you see us out and about!

Stay cool and have a great summer!