March is my favorite month in Rocky Point. The weather is getting warmer, but not yet hot. There is the anticipation of everything that awaits you at the beach … sun, sand, ocean, jet-skis, banana boats, mangos and pineapple drinks, and the smell of sunscreen and fun in the air around you …

I have so many fond memories of Spring Break with my kids. Rocky point is a great family spring break vacation spot. Yes, there are lots of partying college kids, but it’s never detracted from our time here. Now that I have a college kid of my own, I love that she comes down with her friends and builds even more great memories.

Whether this is your first visit or 100th, a tourist must is trying some of the many fantastic local restaurants. Check out the Facebook group, Rocky Point Foodies, for new restaurants and tried and true favorites. Try some ice cream treats at a Michocana or stop for elotes and churros at the appropriately named Churros y Elotes Peñasco. Another must is shopping on the beach for “almost free today” sunglasses, hats, and jewelry. Kids love getting their hair braided, temporary tattoos, and riding the banana boats. There is also great shopping at the Old Port/Malecon, or “Rodeo Drive”. If you go to Rodeo Drive, I recommend stopping in Mariachis y Tequila for a cerveza or their amazing sangria.

In addition to eating, drinking, and shopping … there are Sea activities: Fishing, Bird Island, whale watching, parasailing, sunset cruises, Jet Ski, paddleboard and kayak rentals … On land: Pinacate Biosphere tours, horseback riding, ATV rentals, and golf … and Air: Ultralight flights. You can also go clamming in Cholla Bay at low tide, check out an Oyster farm where you can eat fresh oysters right from the water. Not only does getting out and trying new things lead to great vacation memories, but you can feel good that you’re helping the local economy.

Tipping! Most service people in Mexico, as in the US, rely on “La Propina”, or tips to supplement minimal wages. At restaurants, tipping 15-20% of the total bill inclusive of IVA (tax) is customary. If the IVA is broken out on the bill (16%) you can use that amount for the tip. Of course, if you’ve had exceptional service, you can always tip more. If you’re at Happy Hour, remember to tip on the full price. If you’re paying by the drink, leave $1-2 per drink as a tip and if you’re running a tab, 15% of the tab as a minimum. Also, if the establishment accepts credit cards, be sure to ask in advance if you need to leave a cash tip. Most restaurants only accept cash tips.

If you need groceries while you’re here, there is a Super Ley on Constitution that pretty much has everything you need. There’s also a Sam’s Club as you are entering town and Bodega Aurrera next door (which is a subsidiary of Walmart). You can also get some of the best produce at the Fruiterias in town. A fun thing to buy at the grocery stores is Mexican candy. I especially like the sweet and sour mango candy and the coconut bars in the colors of the Mexican Flag.

Bienvenido to Puerto Peñasco and have a great vacation!