Brown Pelicans can take on many different looks around Rocky Point. Rest assured, all of the pelicans that you see around the shorelines of Rocky Point are Brown Pelicans. Its relatives, the White Pelican and the Peruvian Pelican are nowhere to be seen in these waters.

Juveniles have grey dull body colors and do not have any color on their heads or beaks. They will keep these colors up to three years of age at which time they are ready to breed.

Adults will have the white to yellowish head feathers and will have red on their beaks when in the breeding season. Their white feathered necks will turn a burgundy red when in the breeding season as well. It is hard to tell a female from a male by way of their coloring.

Pelicans live up to 30 years and typically past 20 years.

Here are some photos of the different looks you can get from a Brown Pelican.