I wanted to share a letter that was mailed to all our donors last month to let them know about some important changes to the Educarte program:

First, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting our efforts to provide children in Puerto Peñasco with a path out of poverty through education. Since launching the Educarte program in 2016, together we have accomplished so much:

  • Well over 1000 local students have had access to educational opportunities that can help them transform their futures.
  • Hundreds of local young people were able to graduate from high school and thirty-two of them have now graduated from college. 
  • Forty-nine more students are currently in college and nine of those are on track to graduate this year.
  • Through our homework clubs hundreds of younger students have been able to overcome barriers that were preventing them from going to school or succeeding in the classroom. Many no longer need our support to continue their education.

Second, much of the above was accomplished through my direct leadership and with funding from a U.S. non-profit. The time has come for me to step back and allow the Educarte team to operate without my day-to-day involvement. It is also important for them to be able to move forward without a commitment of support from a U.S. non-profit. What does this mean?

  • We have built a successful model for other children and families, showing what is possible when young people in this community are provided with the consistent resources and support they need to go to school and thrive. Now, after seven years, it is time to allow others in the community to take over leading this effort. We are excited and hopeful that others will follow. (See the attached Frequently Asked Questions for more information).
  • As many of you know, in 2021 we launched the C.A.T.I. Program to provide therapies and other professional support for children with special needs. We have learned that many of these young people do not have the option of attending school like the other students we have been supporting. Realizing that their efforts serving these very special kids has just begun and that they are uniquely positioned to meet a critical need in the community, this is the area the Educarte team will be focusing on moving forward.

Third, what does this mean for our donors?

Providing young people with special needs with the support they need to thrive and participate fully in life will take another long-term commitment from all of us. We are committed to serving all children, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

Here is how you can make a gift Your gift can help us support those kids who need us most!

  • Go to www.AmigosEducarte.com and click on the donate button to make a gift via PayPal, a credit card, or a check or wire transfer from a U.S. bank.
  • If your support for the Educarte program must go directly to a U.S. non-profit, we can arrange to accept donations via a U.S. Foundation. Please contact Carolina.Pacheco@aimpenasco.org for more information.

Finally, I am not going away! I will be here to provide financial and program oversight and to guide the team as they continue to move toward self-sufficiency. Your generosity has resulted in programs that have had a positive impact on hundreds of local kids. The Educarte team will have my unwavering support as they move forward serving the most vulnerable and marginalized kids in this community. I hope they will have yours as well.

Thank you for partnering with us on this incredible journey,

Kathleen Duncan