At Educarte we believe that every young person deserves to reach their potential. We are committed to providing young people with disabilities in Rocky Point with the professional services they need the thrive and participate fully in life – regardless of their family’s ability to pay. But we can’t do this without your help!

Unfortunately, as a small non-profit organization, we do not have the funding to serve all of those in the community needing our support. Sadly, we currently have a waiting list of young people waiting for sponsors to be able to receive the support they need and deserve. I hope some of you will consider joining our other generous sponsors whose monthly recurring donations are giving kids with disabilities in this community hope for a better future.

I would like to introduce you to two of the very special young people waiting for sponsors.

Meet Eliu

Eliu is a five-year-old boy with Pierre Robin syndrome, a rare birth defect that left him with an underdeveloped jaw and a cleft palate. Due to his condition, he has a breathing tube in his neck and eats through a tube in his stomach. He has also been diagnosed with Autism.

Before Eliu began getting professional support from Educarte, he moved very little and spent most of his waking hours being carried by his mother or sitting on her lap. He almost never interacted with other children and was not able to communicate with others. Since he began attending physical and speech therapy at our clinic six months ago, Eliu has made tremendous progress. He has learned to communicate using sign language and is much more active and independent. Recently, he has been attending ‘Mi Escuelita’, our new private special education program, on a trial basis. He now loves going to school and has become a very social and happy little boy. Unfortunately, his parents cannot afford to pay for him to continue attending ‘Mi Escuelita’ and so he is on our waiting list for a scholarship.

You can help Eliu continue attending ‘Mi Escuelita’ by making a one-time or monthly recurring donation today at

Eliu has become a happy, social little boy who now loves going to school!

Eliu continues to make tremendous progress in physical and speech therapy.

Meet Karla

Karla is 30 years old and has severe cerebral palsy. She lives with her mother and father and two younger sisters. Her condition causes her muscles to remain contracted and she is completely dependent on her family to meet her basic needs. Karla was recently evaluated at our therapy clinic, and she is in urgent need of physical therapy. If she does not receive consistent therapy her contractions will worsen leaving her at risk of experiencing severe pain, permanent joint deformity, pressure sores and infections.

This is a very proud and hard-working family that has never before asked for support for Karla’s care. Although the family is able to survive on her father’s small salary of $125 USD/week, Karla’s parents cannot afford to pay for the physical therapy she desperately needs.

You can help us provide Karla with consistent physical therapy by making a one-time or monthly recurring donation today at

Until we find a sponsor, our amazing physical therapist Kenneth has given Karla’s family exercises they can do with her at home.

I hope you will consider joining the generous supporters whose donations are helping us give kids with disabilities in this community hope for a better future. If you are unsure about becoming a supporter, I invite you to schedule a visit to our therapy clinic and/or ‘Mi Escuelita’ to see our program in action and meet some of the very special young people we have the privilege of serving.