Last year I had the best spring vacation. We went to Mexico for my Uncle Dans’ 50th birthday. It was so fun. We visited a place called Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. We went with our cousins who stayed next door to us in their grandparents (Bob and Maggie) house on the beach. We stayed in their friends’ house next door because they were not using it at the time. This was a great vacation!

After a long four-hour drive from the Arizona airport, we arrived at our house on the beach. It was so beautiful. As soon as we arrived, we went on an ATV four-wheeler trip through the desert. The four-wheelers were huge. There were lots of bumps and it was so fun in the desert. Maggie and my mom rode really slow. When we got back to the beach house it was about 6:00 pm, so we ate dinner. Yum, those cheese crisps that Maggie made were good. After dinner we played on the beach. We had a contest to see who could do the best 360’s. The next morning, when the tide was out on the ocean, we went looking for crabs and sea urchins. This was how it went most every day.

We went outside in the mornings and looked for sea urchins. Some things we found and caught were an octopus that sprayed ink like crazy, a big crab and lots of little crabs, sand dollars and starfish. One time we even saw a dead shark and a dead stingray. The most thrilling thing to discover was finding a real live octopus. It had slime all over it. One day we happened to see some dolphins and suddenly hundreds of them came sprouting out of the water. It was great to watch!

Every day we went into town on the ATVs in the afternoon. Wow, I bought tons of cool stuff. In town they had the best tacos ever. They were so good! The Puerto Peñasco town is full of many different things. They have outdoor markets and you can bargain to get the lowest prices on your purchases.

The beach was also very fun. We spent a lot of time digging in the sand. We made sand castles, pits to jump into and tried to make dams to catch the ocean water but the dams would break every time because the waves were so powerful.

The Puerto Peñasco museum, CEDO, was close to where we were staying, and it was awesome. It had a huge whale structure and showed the real skeletal structure of a whale. We drove the ATV’s up there a lot to check it out. Speaking of riding on the ATV’s, one time we were riding to where there was a great sunset. The tide was out and there was a huge beached whale out there and boy did it stink. It was the size of a semi-truck. We went up really close to see it. It was enormous. Oh yes, and every day about 2:30 pm, it would rain for a short time and then be beautiful again.

Another thing I loved about Mexico was that people from all around the town came and sold things on the beach. They sold items such as jewelry, baskets, paintings and clothes. It was great, I bought so much stuff. Whenever we went out to dinner, people would come around to your table and sing to you. It was really cool and they were very nice.

Well, at the end of our trip we decided to swim in the ocean because we had not seen any signs of stingrays. We went swimming and it was really fun until my Aunt Katrina was stung by a stingray. It hurt her badly. The next day we looked in the water and there were tons of stingrays, so we didn’t dare go swimming.

When we were on the airplane going home, I thought to myself that no vacation could ever be as fun as this one had been. Mexico is by far the most spectacular place to go in the world! I hope everyone has a chance to visit Puerto Peñasco.

Editor’s Note: I’ve been going through our old CD’s trying to archive what files we have left and came across this cute story. Reminded me of when I first started coming down to Peñasco – the wonderment and joy. This was printed in 2000, submitted by the wonderful Marge Abens (RIP) and written by Tyler for his Language Arts Class. Hopefully he’ll see it some 23 years later!