VinceDeadmond-1Many times on my drive from Mesa, AZ to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico I will make a pit stop at the Shell Station in Ajo. The timing works out well for a stretch, to top off my gas tank, have an empanada, and a Coke. The sugar and caffeine keep me going while I ponder deep thoughts like; do I prefer the apple or pineapple? This little ritual reminds me of the good things in Rocky Point, and puts a smile on my face. People ask me why I choose to visit Puerto Peñasco during the summer months. Many residents leave in April, and most gringos don’t visit after the Fourth of July, but May, June, and July can be good months on the beach. Generally it is 10 degrees cooler in Rocky Point than in Phoenix, and if you are on the beach it can be quite comfortable. The fly fishing just gets better in the summer months. I usually plan my fly fishing day around an early sunrise start, and plan to be off the water by noon if the temperature is going to be hot. I spend the afternoons reading, listening to jazz, and getting ready for a late dinner after dark, just like many of the locals.

One of my favorite fly rod summer time fish is the Sierra Mackerel. They are built for speed and really take off with your fly when they hit. I suggest you use some 30# fluorocarbon as bite tippet or they will keep going with your fly. They can be coaxed into taking your fly if you are stripping it aggressively fast. Using a Clouser size 4, tied about 4 inches long, will catch many fish. The Bone Fish is another good summer time fish that can be caught at La Pinta (the second estuary). If you are fishing from a pontoon boat, one can bounce a Clouser on the bottom and catch a large number of Bone Fish with a six weight fly rod and a 200 grain sinking line.

Ouch! One caution of summer time fishing is the jelly fish. The name seems rather harmless, but if their tentacles rub across your bare skin they can be quite painful.

Usually they are more abundant after a storm. They can be seen on the beach as gobs of goo, but in the water they are a blue sphere about the size of a ping pong ball. Avoid contact with them, or wear clothing that covers the skin. I wear long pants instead of shorts when I see them in the water. Remove tentacles soon without using your bare fingers. Gloves, a stick, or forceps would be helpful in removing the tentacles. Spray the area with vinegar and soak the area in hot water. Contrary to popular belief urine is not a cure for a jelly fish sting. I believe this myth was perpetuated by some of my old fraternity brothers that were just looking for a place (any place) to relieve themselves.

Another fun inexpensive summer activity is the local baseball team, the Tiburones (Sharks). They have home games scheduled in June and July at Francisco Leon Garcia Stadium on Benito Juarez. The games are, very enjoyable, think minor league AA ball, and the people watching is great, with the enthusiastic passionate local fans. If you attend a game on Tecate night you will be looking for someone with a jellyfish sting that you will try to convince that your urine is the only thing that will cure them. Really, it did seem like a good idea at the time. Vince Deadmond “The Fly Fishing Hardware Guy” can be reached at Best Hardware 237 N Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ, and at (480) 982-7461.