Beef Roast in a Teriyaki RedwineThis month I like to share with you one of my favorite meals I’ve cooked and still like to cook on many different kind of occasions and for many events.

I cook it for 6-10, or 15, or 20, or 150, the biggest event was for 450 people.

My credo is that the last dish I serve MUST have the same quality as the 1st one!!!

If not, you can forget every kind of professional cooking!

This is what I was trained for from the beginning, when my cooking experiences started during my childhood.

This meal is a mix of Italian, ayuvedisch (old style of indish kitchen) and a German Kitchen.

By the way, all the ingredients you can get here in Rocky Point, except the “Hot Madras Curry Powder” and “Garam Masala”.

I bought these in an Indish shop in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Beef Roast (Shoulder) in a Teriyaki, Redwine – Creamsauce with Italian Spices, with Basmati Rice “Indish” and Cucumber Salat “German Kind.”

Sear the salted Meat (around 2 Kg for 6 person) in a frying pan and after that, place it in a crock-pot. In the same hot pan fry 4 big sliced peppered Onions and 1 big sliced Carrot. After a while, mix this into the meat. A marinade made out of olive oil, lemon juice, Teriyaki sauce, red wine, honey, 1 sliced garlic bulb and basil, thyme and oregano also has to mixed up with the meat.

Then 3 ½ to 4 hours of slow cooking in the Crock-Pot.

In the meantime prepare the cucumber salad, cutting it in slim slices, and salt a little bit so that the water can be drawn out.

The marinade for the salad is made out of sour crème, lemon juice (small amount), a bit of olive oil, honey, garlic and fresh dill. Later mix the marinade into the Salat.

The basmati rice indish is very special. In a big casserole, heat clarified butter mixed with 2 tablespoon hot madras Curry powder and I tablespoon Garam Masala, only 5 second, then 1 ½ pound Basmati Rice, mixing up a while and then double amount of water in comparison to the rice. Not do forget salt, then covering the Casserole and let it cook, around 15 minutes. Just before it is ready, mix the rice with sliced carrots.

When the meat is done, take it out of the crock-pot and slice it in pieces.

With a hand mixer blend the onions with the marinade and the result is a thick sauce, put to this sauce (Sauer crème) a little bit of red wine and you have an excellent quality sauce for the roast.

Now I wish you and your guest enjoying the meal.

By the way, I still offer this meal for special private and open events. Come in contact with me, if you are interested.

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