Puerto Peñasco is a great place to visit during the fall with your fly rod. Weather is ideal, water temperature is still agreeable for the fish. Desert Fly Casters a fly club out of Chandler, AZ has been visiting Rocky Point for 58 continuous years. Yes, that’s longer than the Super Bowl has been around. We even had a small group of 10 last year during Covid. Fly fishing allows for some social distancing, and

many of the cantinas had safe outdoor dining.

The Rocky Point trip is one of the best fish catching trips of the year. When we have a large group usually someone in the group catches a fish that is new to the group. I have fished RP a long time, and I have landed 35 different species of fish here in Peñasco. Rocky Point has been a great place to host our club event. It’s not too long of a drive, accommodations are usually plentiful, (check your dates for other

large groups) and the locals make everyone feel safe and welcome. I get to introduce new fly club members to saltwater fly fishing and that is some exciting eye-opening stuff. Many fly fishers are used to

catching small delicate trout in Arizona on light weight fly rod gear. The gear and the fish in Rocky Point are more of a fight. You need heavier gear and even a small 6-inch Cabrilla will give you more fight

than a 12-inch trout.

While it’s fun to introduce new folks to the local fish, sometimes it’s even more fun to introduce folks to restaurants, new food, drinks, and a tour of local dive bars. The usual reaction I get when I ask a friend

if they like steamed clams is a scrunched-up question mark on their face. Many places in town do a great job on the steamed clams. So, I’ll order a bucket or bowl of steamed clams for an appetizer and so

far I am batting 1000, it’s always been a hit.

Vince Deadmond the retired fly fishing hardware guy can be reached at vddeadmond@msn.com and at (480) 818-1796.