The TV show FRIENDS is having a reunion, it’s like a friends’ reunion when I visit Puerto Peñasco. I always seem to run into old friends and make new ones. It’s like being on recess or vacation and camping at the Playa de Oro RV Park is a very social place. It’s easy to talk about your camper, RV, the book you are reading, the wine you are drinking at sunset with others on the beach. With all of my fly fishing gear strung out around my camp sight it’s obvious that I have an interest in fishing and kayaking. So, it’s easy to strike up a conversation.

A little help from my friends. It’s always fun to bring fly fishing buddies to Peñasco, but scheduling does not always work out. So, I’ll go by myself knowing that I’ll bump into friends in Rocky Point. I seem to run into more friends and neighbors on the beach in Rocky Point than I do in my hometown. After a day of fly fishing I was having dinner at the bar in Capone’s, by myself, and enjoying some basketball on TV. I noticed Pam and Mat from Prescott, who have been great neighbors at the Playa de Oro RV Park for years. They were dining, and we struck up a conversation on mutual friends, and a favorite topic, new places to eat. I ask, “Do you know where the empanada place is?” They were good customers of La Argentina’s Empanada’s and told me it was less than a half mile north of Manny’s on Campeche. Sure enough, we met again several times at the empanada shop during our stay.

Rick and Debbie are from Washington and are first timers at Playa de Oro. Rick likes to fish so he had a few questions about fly fishing. I enjoy talking about fly fishing almost as the actual fly fishing. I launched into my spiel about fly fishing, Debbie’s eyes glazed over and she found her way back to the trailer. Rick was genuinely interested in fly fishing and has a lot of fishing experience but not a great deal of fly fishing experience. He brought by his fly fishing rod and reel and we started to work on his casting. After about 30 minutes, Rick is a fast study, he was casting almost twice the distance that he started with. Learning how to double haul will improve your saltwater fly fishing experience. I have had lots of help with my fly fishing and I am willing to help pass it along.

If you live anywhere in southern Arizona close to Tucson and you have an interest in fly fishing, stop into Eric Loeffler’s Dry Creek Outfitters a full-service Orvis fly fishing shop. Eric does business like a friend, if you need gear, advice, fly tying materials, or even a bit of coaching Eric will treat you right.

I am sad to report that many of us have lost a dear friend in Doctor Wayne Nickel of Chandler, AZ. Doc was a mentor and encouraged many to visit Puerto Peñasco. Every time I visit Rocky Point someone asks, “Is Doc on this trip?” The family plans to do a memorial in March celebrating Doc’s life.

Vince Deadmond The Retired Fly Fishing Hardware Guy can be reached at or at 480-818-1796.