You can put away the polar fleece it’s time for flip flops and swim trunks. The water is warming up, and the evenings are really pleasant.  You may want to stroll along the Malecon in Old Port or enjoy dinner on a cantina patio with a gorgeous Sea of Cortez view. As the water warms up the fish get happy, hungry, and eager to take your well-presented fly.

The Desert Fly Casters enjoyed a recent outing where the fishing, socializing, and dining all came together for a great time. Our March outing was towards the end of the month, and we got a 3-day weekend of perfect weather. May will be even better for all of the things you enjoy about Puerto Peñasco.

The fly fishing was aided by fishing the neap tide and having calm windless days. This situation makes it easier to concentrate on your fishing, and not having to worry about controlling your pontoon boat or kayak. We had a good turnout, 20 people, and as many as 15 fly fishers fishing at the same time same place. You can fish a large group and still have room on the Sea of Cortez.

So many good places to eat in Rocky Point. Since we had a large group, we divided up and went to several restaurants. Favorites:  La Curva, La Casa del Captain, Latitude 31, Bryan’s Sports Bar, and Capone’s.

The fishing was good enough where everyone caught fish and several 20-22” Orange Mouth Corvina were caught. Other notable catches were big Triggers, Bone Fish. Grouper, and a massive number of Cabrilla were caught. Most days we did catch and release, but we kept enough Orange Mouth Corvina to make a batch of smoked fish.

We had several socials where we did some wine tasting, nibbled snacks, talked fishing success and failures, and planned the next day of fishing. If this sounds like fun to you Desert Fly Casters meet in Chandler, AZ and will be planning a Fall RP trip November 12-20. Information on Desert Fly Casters or fly-fishing contact Vince Deadmond (480) 818-1797