Camping at the Playa de Oro RV Park in Puerto Peñasco in November has that sense of order that all’s right with the world. So many past Novembers have been shared with family, old friends, fishing buddies and total strangers, I am looking forward to doing it again. The weather is near perfect, the fly fishing is spectacular, and water sports like swimming, kayaking, and SUPing (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) usually has calm comfortable seas.

The RV Park has a social vibe where strangers talk to each other and become friends. The next thing you know you are listening to music, at Jill’z Joint or The Pit, sharing stories, a drink, and a meal, you may even get a chance to go fishing. One resident told me that Dr. Jameson still makes house calls in the Trailer Park, and then produced a wee dram of the chilled elixir. Thanks again my friend.

On my last trip down I took some friends to the first and second estuaries. Wonderful quiet places to enjoy nature, view wildlife, and walk barefoot in the soft sand. If you are driving to the second estuary you will probably want all wheel drive. The sand can get deep and is easy to get stuck. My old buddy Jimmy got his Dodge pickup stuck on the beach and was looking for a shovel or a tow rope. His girlfriend Ginger said, “I’ve got this.” She stepped out of the truck with her bikini on.  The next thing Jimmy knew, a dozen local fellas were pushing him out of the sand. Good times!

Hope to see you on the water soon. The Desert Fly Caster will be having their fall fly fishing outing November 15-20. If you see a group of fly fishers it’s probably us, and if you are interested in finding out how to fly fish stop and chat.

Vince Deadmond The Retired Fly-Fishing Hardware Guy can be reached at vincehasgonefishing@outlook. Or 480 818 1796.