98th Bomb Group Reunion

Sep 1, 2011 by Contests & Events

That was called Opps !!!

Just a small call for help!!!

Now that it’s official, the 98th will be having their 2011 Annual Reunion in Shreveport, LA (Barksdale AFB) October 17th – 21st. They will be hosting the “Ploesti Raiders” from all units that participated in those raids, regardless of their unit or position in that unit.

So, now comes the Request For Your Help! We need to get this information out to everyone! Some of it, I will do. So Please use any publication or vehicle you may know, Military, Civilian, Veteran, Newspaper and last but least Word of Mouth. Get the word out! Some of you are young enough to know about “Facebook” – please use it!

October 17th – 21st Shreveport, LA

Holiday Inn Downtown

98th Bomb Grp/Wing Veterans Association

Annual Reunion will be Hosting

The “Ploesti Raiders” Regardless of Unit or Job!

Contact; Dennis Posey, Reunion Coordinator

(770) 509-7734

Email: dennis_posey@att.net

Suzanne Mioduszewski Sec/Tres

(734) 678-3838

Email: suzannes@me.com

Bill Seals Assoc President

(281) 395-3005

Email: colbillyseals@hotmail.com

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