For over ten years AACORP’s agenda has been to help cut down on the overpopulation of the animals in the city.  Our main goal is to sponsor and encourage spay/neuter clinics for the animals of Puerto Peñasco. Thanks to the city, they are conducting 2 clinics per year sterilizing over 400 animals per year. They city is having a spay/neuter clinic on April 13th and 14th to be held at the Shrimp Park on the corner of Blvd. Benito Juarez and Fremont from 8AM to 5PM each day. AACORP will be a sponsor and will be providing money for medicine, travel expenses for the visiting veterinarians and other necessities.  We have donations of gowns, surgical gloves, drapes, gauze pads and other misc. items. We also help with meals and lodging for the visiting and local veterinarians who are donating their time. We expect to sterilize over 200 animals at the spay campaign this month. If you would like to help with the meals, please bring food to the clinic. Turkey wraps from Costco are great as is home cooking !! If you would like to volunteer or offer housing please give Nancy a call at (011-52-638) 383-1012 or Mario at the City Offices at 388-5152.  Veterinarians from Arizona are welcome to volunteer their services.

Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point is a 501©3 non-profit Arizona corporation. We are a no kill center. Our animals are not kenneled or caged and they run free in their yards. We do need volunteers to walk the dogs. We are an Adoption Center and have limited facilities. There is no shelter to house the many stray and abandoned animals in Rocky Point. The city Pound (Antirabico center) picks up strays and keeps them for 3 days for the owners to claim the animals. The city needs funds to humanely put down the animals. The city has a new veterinarian on staff, Edith will spay or neuter your dog or cat for 200 pesos by calling the city at 388-5152.

We have donation sites in Tucson and Phoenix on the west and east side of town. Please call Nancy for site locations. Donations are excepted here at the center. If you come down the main street, Blvd. Benito Juarez and go one block past (South) of the Lucas Chicken Palapa restaurant, and then just come down three blocks east. We are on the left (north) corner with chain link fencing. SEE MAP FOR DIRECTIONS

Donations are also accepted at Giuseppis restaurant on Fremont. They have a wonderful  $5.00 breakfast.

There are many wonderful angels helping the animals in Rocky Point and we work with many of them that need our help. Your donations helped with the following! A big thank you to all that are helping the animals of Rocky Point.

A BIG thanks to Kelly and Dave Adams from Cholla Bay for the many donations from the Chili Cook-off in November. Thanks to the folks in Cholla Bay, AACORP had enough dog food to last the winter season.

The dog beds that were donated at the Chili Cook-off in Cholla bay by “Quick Comfort Pet Beds” are the most amazing beds that I have ever used. Please visit the web site for more information. They are constructed with Memory Foam and very orthopedic for your spoiled and pampered pets.

Kathy helps the animals in her neighborhood north of Calle 13 with food, fencing and medical help. Last month we mentioned the German Shepard that we thought had impaled his testicle – well it turned out to be a tumor and AACORP had it removed for the local owners. Kathy also provided fencing for two dogs in her area that were previously chained. – thanks Kathy.

Tanya helps the animals in the Mirador area with food etc. AACORP supplied material and labor (Tanya, Kathy and Nancy) and fixed fencing for a new Mama and her puppies. Thank you Tanya.

Anita at Guisepissi’s restaurant helps the abandoned dogs that are dumped on Fremont. Anita bottle fed two little ones and the one black pup was taken from the restaurant. There is a reward for the return of the puppy. AACORP provided spay and neuter for two dogs living behind the restaurant. Mike is a beautiful German Shepard, and Willow is a new Mama.  Nancy (at AACORP) took in the two puppies.  Both Mike and Willow need new homes. The puppies left for Phoenix this morning with Jenn and Larry Shinn along with the remaining puppies. They will have new homes in Phoenix. Thank you Anita,  Jenn and Larry.

There are many people who are helping the animals and we want to thank them all. We are always in need of dog and puppy food to help with the feeding of the many animals that have no voice.

We are featuring two special dogs this month – Radar a great Black Lab found on the highway by Nancy on a trip to Phoenix, and Bobbie a beautiful red mix that was surrendered by her American owner when he left Mexico for health reasons. Please consider adopting an older dog.

YAPPY HOUR at the Paradise Beach Bar (behind Mannys) in the Mirador. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 2 to 5 PM. Check the message board for upcoming events. Say hello to Vicki, Sergio and Eva!

YAPPY Dog Fashion Show to be help on May 5th – Cinco de Mayo – Saturday from 2 to 5 PM. Dr. Socorro Ruiz, head of the city health department, will be working with Nancy from AACORP and Kory from the Paradise Beach Bar. Please call for more information

Needs: Dry and canned (pate) cat and kitten food.  Cat litter (non-clumping),  X-large cat litter liners. Kitten season is here and I just took in 5 newborns that I am bottle feeding. Three white, a calico and a gray. They are about 3 days old and doing just fine. They will be ready for adoption in the middle of May!