It was over 10 years ago when we had a secret spay clinic in a garage in Cholla Bay with Dr. Javier from Chochoys and Allison Barnhill DVM from Iowa. It truly is a miracle to see the change in the treatment of the animals. The clinic was a huge success and 214 animals were sterilized. A big thanks to the new head of the Health Department Dr. Eliel Lopez and of course Mario Lopez who worked tirelessly with Nancy at Animal Adoption Center of RP securing supplies, Veterinarians from Mexico and Arizona, volunteers, and meals and lodging for the Veterinarians and volunteers. We had seven Veterinarians from Mexico and Arizona performing surgeries. It truly is a dream come true! A big thanks to all that participated.

Nancy Phelan President Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point (AACORP), MVZ. Armando Arenas Médico Veterinario Del Estado Del Departamento de Zoonosis, MVZ. Alfredo Manríquez Médico Veterinario Del Estado Del Departamento de Zoonosis, MVZ. Ariel Félix Medico Veterinario a Cargo de “Fundación Give Some Life” Sonora de Nogales, Sonora, DVM. Jo Valentine, Medico Veterinaria de Tucson, Az, DVM. Bert Blumenfeld, Médico Veterinario de Tucson, Az. and his wife Kim, MVZ. Edith Enríquez Román Médico Veterinario del Departamento de Control Animal de Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, MVZ. Hugo Armando Reza González Medico Veterinario del Vecino Estado de Sinaloa, MVZ. Jesús Daniel Sánchez Cruz Medico Veterinario del Vecino Estado de Sinaloa, Vet. Tech Janette Sorich, Vet.Tech Mary Telstad, Vol. Benjamin Valentine, Friends and Neighbors of Las Conchas, Brother´s Pizza, FMI Rentals, Mar de Cortez Rentals, Giuseppi’s Italian Restaurant, Efecto Mascota A.C., Sara Pickett Physician Assistant from Phoenix, Jerri Poteste from the Sonora Spa for gift certificates for Nancy and the visiting gals, Greta from northern Az and Krysten Sorich, reporter from Tucson.

A final thank you to Lupita Flores who helped the recovering cats with Dr. Lopez who was hands on with the cats. And anyone I may have failed to mention. Also a big thanks to the gang at Giuseppe’s for donating a wonderful dinner for 30 volunteers on Friday night at the restaurant. Breaded pork chops with mashed potatoes and the most wonderful cucumber salad – a special of Marie’s. For desert chocolate cream crepes YUM!!

Nancy from Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point ended up taking three dogs at the clinic and Ariadna from Pet Effect also rescued three dogs. All these dogs need medical care. Prada is a beautiful Pit Bull that I have here at the center. She was probably bred and then developed vaginal cancer and abandoned. Found by a local family that could not afford the chemo that Prada needs they brought her to the clinic and asked if I could take her. Of course I did and she had her first Chemo treatment yesterday with Dr. Javier from Chochoys. She will have another session in 12 days. She is young – less than two years old.

Big Wave Dave’s Chili cook-off in Cholla Bay was a huge success and here is an email that I received from Dave. A BIG thank you to the gang in Cholla Bay.
Hello all
I just wanted to give an update on the Chili Cook-off. Well this year turn out to be the biggest one yet. We had 20 contestants this year cooking some of the best chili south of the border. The tasting and judging went on for about an hour and when the gas and the beans settled and the votes were counted the winners were announced. It was a very close competition this year, and everyone had a good number of votes, but in the end this is how it went. Third place, which included a ribbon, a AZ Gunslinger gift pack and $25 went to Margaret Perez. Second place, which included a ribbon, a AZ Gunslinger gift pack and $50 went to Steve Sprague. First place which included a trophy, an awesome chili apron (made by Suzy), AZ Gunslinger gift pack, $100, the traveling spoon and of course bragging rights for a year went to Kyle and Katie. Congratulations to the winners. I want to thank everyone who donated prizes for the raffle, bought raffle tickets, helped with stuff, tasted and voted for their favorite chili or just donated to the cause. I especially want to thank all the chili cookers this year who helped make this event as big as it was. This year there were some new cookers, hopefully they had a great time and will participate again next year. We really need to thank our two sponsors. Baxter and Cathy Shields with Quick Comfort Pet Products and AZ Gunslinger Pepper Sauces, who without their generous donations this would not have been the big success that it was. Please check out their websites they have some awesome products .www.quickcomfortpetbeds.com and www.azgunslinger.com Like I said this was the biggest cook-off yet. There were 157 votes that were counted and I talked to a lot of people who didn’t even vote. I don’t know how many people were here, but there was a lot. We managed to raise approx. 2,000 lbs of dog and cat food and through donations and the raffle we raised over $1,700. All of this went to Nancy Phelan at the Animal Adoption Center in Rocky Point. Once again, thank you to everyone who took part in the 11th Annual Big Wave Dave Chili Cook-off. Let’s do it again next year and see if we can top these numbers.

The beds from quick comfort pet beds are the most fantastic beds we have ever used. They also donated a wonderful pet bath for the animals. Make sure you check out the web site.

Needs at the center are cat litter, canned cat food, dry kitten food, paper towels and disinfectant.

A big thank you to all that help the animals. Cash is needed to purchase dog and puppy food here in RP which we can purchase at Weltons just south of Sante Fe market on Benito Juarez. Send checks to AACORP, PO Box 1031, Lukeville AZ 85341. For more information call Nancy at (011-562-638) 383-1012 or visit us on Facebook or our web site www.rpaac.org.